Ep 155: Fighting Thought Rot in America – My New Podcast Collaboration 

In my continued pursuit of helping others and presenting the truth, I’m proud to announce the launch of my new podcast with Judah Friedman of The World According to Ben Stein and Rob Kendall of WIBC 93.1 FM in Indiana called: The Right Dudes. It is a play on words, as this will not be a political podcast, but one covering all the things we all wonder about and, shall I say, worry about in this crazy world today. The key is we do it with humor; there is enough “red ass” today, so we will be doing it a bit differently.

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In this episode, Judah and I dig into the numerous topics we will be covering in The Right Dudes Podcast. We cover a lot of ground, so make sure to listen to it all the way through, as I think this will give some great insight into what we will cover in this new podcast.

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Transcripts :

mr judah friedman

god damn it’s been a long time it’s been

at least a couple days

i’ve been saying

that’s on the phone

we’re like chatty kathy dolls


in today’s society you have to be

careful careful who you talk to

you know so

you don’t want to talk to random people

anymore like we used to be able to

because you never know what [ __ ] show

you’re going to get

and i don’t want to hear about their

problems a

and i don’t want to hear about their

politics usually so

it’s kind of a crap shoot so i tend to

stick to my own shall i say

and not that way it makes life a lot

less friction me

that’s the best way to put it in a good

word we’ll add it to the vocabulary yeah

why not you know uh

you know there’s a whole bunch of people

uh who make up words and definitions

right now anyway so let’s focus

yeah well that’s what i mean there’s a

whole new vocabulary in the last two

years that is you could do a dictionary

alone on that but

let we’re here to talk about our new


the right dudes it’s almost like the

right stuff

you know i thought of that too because

that was a great movie um very

inspirational and i’m watching just a

side note i’m watching the new elon musk


documentary there’s a new one

i forget he’s an interesting cat um he

aggravates me at times

but at times i go at least he creates

[ __ ] that you can use

you know it’s funny i’ll tell you


this is years ago i was sitting next to

ed bigley jr remember i’d be junior i’ve

met him


fantastic guy super nice guy far left

and extremely underrated

and i was sitting next to him and i said

to him

i disagree with everything you say

but you are so intellectually honest

that you actually make me want to think

about choosing switching sides i said

i’m not going to

but you’re so because he actually walks

the walk and talks the talk absolutely

does his house is is rid his con

is turned on by his bicycle that him and

his wife i mean just everything he does

is really intellect so you can’t

you have to respect people like that

even if you disagree with them because

he’s not one of those limousine liberals

he’s not flying private jets and he’s

not he’s actually walking you know he’s

been hybrid and electric before that was

there was ever even a concept yeah he’s

in bend oregon um people don’t know i

was actually looking there years ago to

live and buy a place and he eats at the

local little restaurant there and that’s

where i ran into him super nice guy

and one of the best movies of all time

which was the in-laws i mean one of the

best comedies i’ve ever read that is a

good movie we get and we get sidetracked

but we have a new show the right time

it’s the right dudes the right dudes

let’s talk about where this came from

because we’ve known each other about a

year and a half i’ve been on the world

according to ben stein you’re the

producer obviously


there’s been a whole host of ideas

hatched you know i tell people

we’re great at ideas i can come up with

a bazillion ideas it’s the execution

is the rough part because any

we’re proof any dummy can come up with

an idea

the hard part’s getting it into action

and actually actualizing it yeah yeah

exactly big word um

actualization um

you know

well i think a lot of it comes from my

writing past you know i

i have written a ton of stuff

a lot of stuff and i’ve sold a few

scripts and i’ve that never got made of

course and i’ve pitched a ton of shows

that never got sold


i’ve never really to be honest with you

loved writing

and when you’re new in hollywood

it’s very hard

when you’re young it’s very hard taking


it’s very hard

being even if it’s constructive and it’s

detrimental to you


uh but i remember i had

you know sold uh we we ben stein we

pitched a script or a treatment that i

created for him and i had you know

people said to me this is gold

there’s no way this doesn’t get sold

and this was 2004 or five let’s say

and um

it was the height of the bush stuff okay

and we end uh we walked in it was i

don’t know if i brought this up with you

before but it was called ben stein’s

america yeah we would


it was and i remember when we went into

a e and we went into everywhere to pitch

this and this was the height of when ben


massive from win ben stein’s money to

the commercials to everything

and it didn’t matter it was like

we could have been giving away gold but

it was the toxicity

it was was was just um



and i and i pitched a bunch of shows

after the people from hbo

it doesn’t really matter and i’ve been

writing for years for places like the

american spectator or american greatness

real clear politics


during covet i started doing the podcast

with ben and

writing i never really enjoyed the funny

thing gary i never enjoyed writing

i’m not a train writer it i’m not either

it’s hard but it’s hard it’s difficult

and uh

but i i

i we started doing the world according

to ben’s line it was a lot of fun it’s

had had a lot of success



evolution was to myself was i’m older

now i like to collaborate

and it’s it’s nice finding

like-minded people like you said



the hardest i’ll tell you like this the

hardest thing for me is when you write

for conservative places

they expect you to toe the conservative



and and that’s really difficult because

socially on certain issues

i’m not in line with them

and it’s it’s very like this

you know poland hug type of thing

and it was tiring and that’s the great

thing about podcasts is


you know collaborating with other people

is that you could have different ideas

we don’t agree with each other and

everything but who cares

yeah well and that’s the thing the the


you know podcasts been around a long

time now about what about a decade i

think roughly and

it’s changed it’s changed the problem is

it’s a very crowded space now because

every five-year-old has a podcast and

you know it which makes it hard because

anytime something new comes along that’s

wide open blogs were the same way i

literally remember my friend’s son was

seven and he had his own blog and you’re

all what you know i was about to say my

nephew too yeah yeah they have their own

blocks and they have more followers than


yeah yeah because they know how to use

instagram far better

than uh than i do or probably

yeah yeah social media is rough for

anyone especially a guy like me who

really doesn’t give a [ __ ] i mean social

media to me is insanity but if you have

a business you have to use it to some

extent right you try to


but a podcast gives you a whole

different avenue because it’s techn it’s

not social media

but you can reach people you can get an

audience and it’s interesting you say

that because people ask me all the time

they go well why aren’t you on fox why

aren’t you on this and i go

first of all they don’t know who i am i

don’t think they do second of all i

don’t again i don’t tow their line

either they could if they let me on

there they’d be like oh this guy’s going

to say something we don’t agree with


yeah you know you raise a great point

there because especially if anybody you

know the people that

listen the last comment we got on apple

news on apple was we love the podcast

gary’s our favorite

and uh as our favorite guest in the

world according to ben stein and we

would never can you give me the email

address i i gotta thank my mother for

sending that to you and we would but we

would never get the opportunity

to talk to speak about the things that

we talk about

now extending to the right dudes

because it just doesn’t fit the


yeah of of of


organization it just it doesn’t and

and that’s the interesting thing is

as even as like you have oan which is

what one america news i guess or even

newsmax they’re still not willing to go

that extra step

that’s dude they’re trying to copy fox

news fox news didn’t try to cut that’s

what was the genius of ales

he was like

we’re gonna do women

we’re gonna have hot women we’re gonna

he was so politically

it was subliminally incorrect

yeah and and he didn’t follow and but

everybody tries to follow instead of

being innovators


that’s why they get a little jump right

they all had a little jump after

everybody was mad at fox news

after the election but most people have

gone back to fox news

yeah and that’s interesting because


you know back in the day when the

government when i was in the government

with cnn was on all the time early in my

government yeah

because it was more wide open you know

the only thing

yeah you had glenn beck you had lefties

you had righties you had goofballs you

had a little bit of everything so it

made it good because you could get a

well-rounded and then it slowly started

pitching left left left left fox came

out it started and it went right right

right and the middle got cut out and

that’s the problem is today can if

you’re in the middle and you have views

on both sides you’re considered


and and you don’t have a place which is

weird because that is most of america




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