Ep 154: Ask Gary Anything (Round 12)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast.   

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* Some Updates and much more to come

1. (Suzanne E) You were in government for years and saw things I could probably never imagine. And, thank you for your service.  You’ve had an inside view of how the world can change and we need to be able to hold our own no matter what storm is on the horizon. Do you find that in being so independent and self sufficient, it hinders or takes away the need for companionship? If you start out dependent, but change to hold your own, is that intimidating to a dude?

2. (Sue B) What brand of coffee do you drink and is it organic?

3. (Kyle I) Are you still using medicinal marijuana? How do/did you take it?

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Transcripts :

hey everyone here we are another episode

of ask gary anything

i mean

anything will i answer it well well that

depends i’ve answered i think all of

them uh so we’re doing good but first

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smart you are

that’s okay

but today ask gary anything

i like these we’re on volume 12. done 12

of these things already holy cow that’s

a lot of questions for gary

let’s jump in and start off

with a long one

susan e

all right make sure i read this one

right uh

oh there’s a typo um you were in the

government for years and saw things i

could probably never imagine and thank

you for your service you’re welcome

susan it was a privilege to serve my

country and to serve the glorious people

of this country it was my honor and my



it’s the least i could do to give back

you’ve had an inside view of how the

world can change and how we need to be

able to hold your own no matter what

storm is on the horizon

totally agree

do you find that in being so independent

self-sufficient it hinders or takes away

the need for companionship

good question if you start out dependent

but change to hold your own is that

imitating to a dude

i’m guessing you’re

saying me a dude

it’s confusing today we don’t know

are you a dude are you an it are you all

that garbage whatever i don’t play that


you either have a penis or you have a

vagina if you have vagina you’re a woman

if you have a penis you’re a man that’s

just biology people

i don’t know why people decide they need

to fight that it’s ridiculous but hey



you know that’s a really really

interesting question


i wouldn’t say it takes away from

companionship because i look at myself

how i was


i was you know i i

i grew up i grew up in the middle of

nowhere you know i was alone a lot like

you know my parents worked

if i wanted stuff done i had to go do it

myself that sandwiches it wasn’t gonna

make itself uh no one was there i could

yell mom make me a sandwich all i’d hear

is an echo so uh you know from a very

early age you know i was kind of on my


but as i kind of got older you know and

today looking at it it’s a hard question

to answer because things have changed so


in the sense that


we’ll be we’ll be uh make sure to go

check out the the dudes on the uh the

right dudes almost said the wrong

podcast name another podcast i just got

involved in with uh with judah of the

ben stein show and rob kendall of wibc

in indiana we’re on the ben steich and

we start own podcast and it’s about

being guys

it’s called the right dudes but it’s

more leaning right i guess today in

today’s politics is the way to put it

so how things have changed

that’s what i mean

30 years ago

i think i think dating was a lot

different and companionship was a lot


so as i’ve got

i’ve never been reliant on someone

else i guess is the best way to put it

in any sense and in my dating world it’s

always been

i’ve always

dated women who are independent

if that makes sense or i was hoping they

were sometimes they lied to me

it’s life but yeah i

does it is it intimidating once if i if

i meet someone

and they change and become more

self-reliant as i know them

it’s never happened to be honest with



has my dating life gotten a heck of a

lot more difficult since i’ve gone on

this simple life endeavor over a decade

ago yeah

yeah matter of fact i remember after my

my uh back surgery which was in the

middle of my transition of all this this

lifestyle and doing everything


i’d realized because i was already

changing at that point and i changed my

health and i i’d sold my house and i’d

moved into a small place and was just

living a very

uh small scale life very simple i was

simplifying that’s where this all came

from i didn’t know it at the time that

it would evolve into this the simple

life concept and all that

and i remember going

even then i changed enough to where

dating was hard

i i just i didn’t have a lot of a lot in

common with the women i was meeting and

i was in you know i’m in i was in san

diego uh so i was in southern california

different dating pool

but as kind of the the world’s evolved

into this more technological

i guess way to catch our attention

you know more people are are glued to

their devices to their computers their

phones internet

uh stupidity digitally um oh social

media obviously that that changed

everything too because that’s not my

that’s not my thing

and unfortunately today and it’s both

men i did an episode on this and i

actually got feedback and women agreed

that women are addicted to their cell

phones and they

it’s hard for me to take

and like i said i’ve never

i just haven’t met anyone and see that’s

thing too if i’m i’m not going to meet

someone who’s not

already kind of

self-reliant or has progressed you know

what i mean i’m i’m not interested

so it makes it difficult in that sense

to answer that part of the question

because i’m not looking for someone who

is watching the kardashians and on her

cell phone all day

but now is gonna change you know i’m not

gonna engage that person to begin with

because we don’t have anything in common


and i’ll also be very honest with you

too i don’t think a lot of i could be

totally wrong totally wrong

because i’m talking from a perspective

of a guy because that’s who she’s asking

then i i don’t want to go reverse on

that because i you know that’s a whole


that’s not me i’m not i’m not a girl

looking for a dude so that would be


um that

i know i’m bumbling this a little bit

but it is it’s a tricky question that’s

why i wanted to answer it and i tried

thinking about i thought i had an answer

and then i was like oh this is

harder than i thought



i don’t think there’s a lot of women who

are into that who are listening to this


or into what i do

i just i don’t think that’s i don’t

think i’m on the radar

and the simple life’s not on the radar

you know what i mean if they’re they’re

into their phone

uh watching stupid tv the view

and the kardashians and and reality tv


and kind of going through life

picking out finger nail polish and

outfits and purses

i i i just don’t cross with those people

in general so

i’ll let you know though if i ever do

meet someone who is uh more typical

american and progresses and i find that

intimidating i don’t i actually love

independent women i it’s

that’s my thing

i do not

want to be in a relationship where one

person is steering the ship all the time

that is

i’ve done it it is goddamn exhausting

and i know women have done it too with

guys it’s

it hurts my head

that’s just not me um um i’m about two

individuals who have their own lives

their own thoughts their own beliefs

uh but they have enough in common to

where they get together and they’re

happy you know you don’t want to date

someone who’s identical to you that

would be odd

you know what are we going to fight over

the axe when we want to chop some wood

no that’s kind of strange

yeah we’ve had differences men and women

are different so we do want those

differences believe it or not i do not

want gary with a vagina that would be





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