Ep 153: The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss and Optimal Health

Your health is the most critical aspect of your life; that is why Optimal Health is the 1st Leg of The Three-Legged Stool of The Simple Life. Here is the thing, your health is entirely in your control, as long as you have the right information. Good information–good results, bad information–bad results. Today, it seems like everyone is an internet search engine expert, especially in health. If this is true why are we getting sicker and fatter at an alarming rate? This is a complicated question, but I will break it down in this episode, so you have the correct information to find your Optimal Health today and forever!

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  • Why is getting healthy so confusing today?
  • Why do most people fail to get healthy?
  • What is the Paleo Diet?
  • What can you eat on the Paleo Diet.
  • Why are the first 30 days so important?
  • Why does it work?
  • How you can easily incorporate The Paleo Diet into your daily life.
  • * How you can tweak The Paleo Diet.

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Transcripts :

hey everyone here we are another episode

of the simple life with me gary collins

your host

and hey we just passed a half million

downloads this podcast is actually

getting to be legitimate people are

following it i get a lot of comments i’m


two and a half years into this thing

it’s been an evolution over 150 episodes

now which is not very many in the

podcast world


we’re keeping at it we’re going we’re

changing lives one person at a time


and hopefully correcting some courses

i’m always attempting to do that

and as you will know now

the videos are out all this is going on

i told you guys i’ve been recording the

videos for a very long time before we

jump in i gotta get some housekeeping

stuff going here and people see videos

you’d see me picking my nose whatever if

you’re here’s the thing the subscription

site is up the member site for the

podcast is up for ad-free as i explained

in previous episodes this

ads are in i had to do this costs have

gone way up this year on podcast

production i’ve upped the episodes i’ve

upped the production value we’ve added

video there’s all kinds of stuff and

this stuff isn’t free people actually

don’t do this for free i hate to

break it to everyone who thinks uh you

just get everything for free today

doesn’t work that way not not in this

world not my world and the people who

listen to this uh it costs money i have

to pay people do this i can’t do all

this on my own i could it would suck and

it probably wouldn’t be a very good

product so i hire professionals to do

this it’s just a better way to go

uh so make sure to go check it out it’s

on the website thesimplelifenow.com

go to the podcast upper right hand


of the website you’ll see the menu hit

podcast you’ll see membership right


please subscribe i would really

appreciate it it’s cheap it’s a monthly

subscription it’s 4.99 a month

4.99 not


a month i wish oh boy that would be

awesome uh very cheap you support the

show you help me uh kind of offset these

costs because this podcast like i said

they don’t make money they just don’t

that’s what pod very few podcasts ever

make a dime

so for me to continue this and be able

to provide this great product for you i

would really appreciate that here’s the


the benefits you get the full video the

full video is not anywhere else but in

the membership side so i and here’s the

best part we don’t edit those ones those

are raw so if like i said if i hit

record and i’m picking my nose or

whatever and a little delay and i’m off

in outer space

you’re gonna see it unedited um doesn’t

mean the crap

that are just

no commercials no nothing in there

that’s point you get no commercials in

the subscription side video and audio

you can listen to it all there i have

yeah you can list it mobile i don’t have

an app because it’s stupid because i

don’t need nap because you go to the

website the website is optimized for


so you go there you listen to it right

there i do this for certain things that

don’t have an app i’ll go to the website

and just listen to it


super easy

helps out a lot and on there

when you get there you can donate we

have the donate section it’s in the

about again upper right hand side

section of the


hit the drop down and donate so if you

want to because people have asked for a

long time how can i donate i don’t use

patreon i’ve never done a gofundme i

don’t do any of that crap i pay for all

this myself it’s my business it’s my

responsibility and i don’t want any of

these third parties seizing my money and

capturing all of our information you

know what i mean

it took a long time to build this i know

it’s getting long-winded jesus uh but

this was built all in-house i used the

processing service that i already have

for the all the products that i sell on

the website

but we built this hand built this page

and the subscription side of it so when

you go in

you’re guaranteed this is

the simple life membership there’s no

third parties involved there’s no funky


go straight into the business account

and i can utilize those funds for the

podcast that’s the whole point but i

think with the membership you know you

get you get it ad free and here’s

another best part as we upload these and

me and my producers we get these up and

going guess what

you’re going to get them ahead of time

because i’m usually two to three weeks

ahead right now i would love to do these

timely every week it’s it’s impossible

with interviews and everything i do

i do them as i can do them and there’s

no schedule because i just i can’t do it

on a schedule it’s just it doesn’t work

that way

so sometimes you can have three weeks of

podcast episodes in the membership site

ahead of time so you’ll be listening to

them and watching or watching the video

three weeks before anyone else is you

can you can binge gary hey

who doesn’t want to do that

uh yeah so honestly go check it out i i

would really appreciate it um

again hit go to the website

simplelifenow.com hit the pod see

podcast you hit the podcasting in the

upper right hand corner boom memberships

right there clicky click right there go

through it you remember piece of cake


sponsors make sure to check out the

sponsors these aren’t just ads to throw

in ads i would never do that to you i’m

not that guy

the everything in there and this took a

lot of research trust me trust me trust

me the sponsors are all products i use

and some of these i’ve used a very very

long time so i want to make sure that if

i was going to do ads i was going to

provide you folks with products that i

trust that are good that’s the whole

point of it

all right so make sure to do that health

book we’re going to be talking paleo

diet today so make sure to check out the

simple life guide to optimal health on

the website

go to the website you got to go there

anyway to sign up for the membership buy

the book while you’re there

uh this is decades of knowledge uh i

have helped

i don’t even know how many people health

was my is my thing that’s what i’ve been

doing forever i’ve been doing ice was

training people in the military uh for

free back in the day because everyone

knew i worked out and i was a athlete

and if they go gary you know you really

kind of know what you’re doing you’re in

good shape and i would show i’d run

people through training routines i i

loved it i loved doing it i’ve done it

professionally i’ve done it with college

athletes trying to be professional i’ve

done it all the way around i’ve been

doing this a long time if there’s

anything i know i know health uh so make

sure to go check out the health book on

the website it’s in the products boom

down there books all section there you

can’t miss it



i do consulting on everything uh that i

consider myself an expert in

uh i don’t i don’t consult you on things

i don’t know anything about that would

be stupid

so health uh if you guys need help extra

help consulting

is the way to go i can run you through

workout routines and get your diet

squared away

i i do i’ve done it a lot um so if you

need the extra help i can get you right

on track answer a ton of questions

it’s the easiest way to go yeah i can

get i i very rarely do i have to have

someone come back for two three four

hours because i don’t do personal stuff

anymore well i’ll take that back if you

want me personally to help you work out

and do that you have to pay me a lot of

money it’s gonna be expensive i ain’t

cheap on that end anymore so if you want

one-on-one with gary well

break out the pocketbook so

the consulting side though is very cheap

you go on the website the website

there’s three different versions of it

you can get you can get a package you

can get the hour and you can get the 30

minutes so however you want to do it

it’s all there you pay for it online

piece of cake comes to me we schedule it

boom get it done we do video phone call

whatever you want

except for in person again that’s extra

uh so

also i put together my reading list

finally it’s in there

uh it’s in the about

on the website so go up there all this

stuff’s on the website people you need

to understand the website the

simplelifenow.com is the hub

for everything everything i do is on

there everything i’ve ever written so

sell it’s all there podcast you name it

it’s on there that’s why i say go there

that’s where you want to go so

at my reading list

it’s very short right now i it took me a

while i i had to find a place there was

a couple options one didn’t get back to

me um


so uh but i knew of this one and uh it’s

called the book what is it


again go to the website easiest way to

find it because you need to find my page

you go there it’s just random you need

to find my page which is where all my

stuff is

and it’s not amazon hey

pretty cool it supports local bookstores

so it’s a network uh of all local

bookstores kind of amalgamation of just

i don’t even know how they do it uh it’s

crazy but i put i was able to build a

reading list on there so i i’m

segmenting it all out different things

like i have my nonfiction fiction

must reads like books i

firmly believe you should read no matter

what and then i’m going into all my

different genres i’ve read because i’m

telling you i’ve read thousands of books

over my life i’ve i’ve been an avid

reader since i was did learn how to read

and i think i was around five i learned

how to read before i went to school um

not well

but my back in the day parents actually

taught you how to read and how to count

before you went to school kind of i know

a shocker shocking thing even even bad

parents did that uh

which would probably be good parents


so yeah go check the reading list out

and i like i said it was a lot of work

trying to figure this out because i do

not want to support the big behemoth

amazon it’s impossible i sell books on


you can’t avoid these uh but we gotta we

have to do our best and that’s why i

bring all this stuff to you that’s why i

bring these sponsors to you i bring

these things

that are not these massive companies for

the most part uh who do not have our

good interest our interest at heart they

would like to destroy us if they could

but they like our money interesting how

that works




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