Ep 152: Ask Gary Anything (Round 11)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast.  

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If you want to have your question(s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

* Some Updates and much more to come

1. (Susan F) Have you and your partners ever thought about creating a News Network based on integrity and truth? 

2. (Kristy P) Any advice for planning/trying to budget in this current economic environment? For instance, gas is going up 10 cents a day and it’s hard to know how much groceries will cost (or what groceries will be available when you go shopping).  I have no consumer debt other than my mortgage–which I’m trying to pay off by the end of this year.  I’m using TSL journal and am on step 2 (financial independence). 

3. (Patrick P) As much freedom as we are losing here in the US, are there any countries that are freer than the US? You may have already answered this in a podcast do I don’t remember your response. I really love our country and not looking to leave, but just wanted to know if there is anywhere else you think is freer. 

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with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your





hey everyone welcome to another exciting

episode of the simple life with gary

collins that is me your host

gracious sometimes not so gracious just

depends just depends how i feel that day

get a little cranky it’s the way it goes

but uh make sure check out

thesimplelifenow.com i am the creator i

am the owner i run that thing

and uh

check out my supplement line we you have

been getting a ton of health questions

over the last couple weeks people

reaching out for consulting for health

so i have this supplement line that came

from me working with clients over a

decade so this came about for people

ruining their health by going and buying

crappy products in that store five pound

bag of protein from friggin china or

wherever all kinds of crap so we i

dissect their health and we figure out

they’re taking these crappy supplements

that’s where my supplement line came

from is people were derailing all of our

hard work with really crappy supplements

so mine are really good and i created

the men’s and women’s health package and

the reason i did those is that is the

core supplements that i was taking all

the time every day

that’s where those came from so you can

buy them you have to guess work those

are the basically the package i

recommend for everyone

easy peasy made it simple for you true i

tried and tested by me

for a very very decades long time

so if you have questions of you’re not

sure what to get get the menser women’s

health package i separated them one for

men one for women they’re pretty much

the same except for women has the

women’s multi the men’s has the men’s

multi there is a difference so

even though women i have women who buy

the men’s because it doesn’t have iron

in it so there you go

with that so let’s get to this ask gary


and what i’m going

to do

here’s what i’m going to do

i’m going to

explain a few things to you on the ad

side because i before we jump into the

questions because i got i’ve been asked

over since i’ve talked about putting ads


people oh no

oh lord don’t don’t do it like such and

such does where it’s 15 minutes of ads

and it’s this and that here’s the

problem people

as i’ve explained

podcasts 99.99


of them never make a dime

and you go well why would someone do

that well

people do it because they’re making them

to try and drive revenue not

understanding that it’s really hard to


they take a easy peasy course that tells

them they’re going to make millions of

dollars in 3.2 seconds doing a podcast

and never explain how hard it is to do

podcasts are very time consuming they’re

resource intensive

most of us who do this on a upper scale

far as we want to make it a high quality

podcast we have a producer who has to

help us with the audio uploading and

doing those because it’s there’s a

million tasks in podcast there’s a lot

of steps to a single episode that no one

ever knows about so that’s a little how

the sausage is made

so with that most people make their


through advertisements that’s how they

do it or their goal is to get to a

network well a podcast network well

guess how they make their money off you

they put ads in your podcast it’s a deal

that’s how it works some big ones will

get a

get paid but those are those are

unicorns very few podcasts

get offered a deal and then a cut of

advertising almost all of them make

their money off a cut of the advertising

that the network signs them up for and

they do

see there you go so with me it’s going

to be a little different so i’m not on a

network right now not to say that i

never will be i’m open to things as they

come about but i have to pay bills um i

spend thousands of dollars a month to

keep this business running

it is not cheap

the way i do it is very expensive it is

the most expensive way to do it but i do

it that way so i can control everything

so it’s not

a bunch of crap so my advertisements are

products that i use

i use them first then go find sponsor or

advertiser that’s how i do it so i’m

providing you

good products that i believe in already

there they’ve been tested by me i use

them and i mean i didn’t just buy them

to do it a spot i own them i have owned

them there will be some i’m sure that

i’ll buy to test out where people send

me stuff all the time here and there and

i’ll test it and

if it’s good they’ll be an advertiser

that’s how it’s going to work but you

just need to understand

this is not cheap like i said it is


so i’ve ramped things up this year i

have put a lot of effort into the

podcast and people go well

you own a business you get to use your

own business as a sponsor you probably

make more money off that

lesson lesson for all you would be

entrepreneurs or podcasters

podcast listeners and customers are not

the same

i’ve talked about this they are not the

same people in most cases

people who listen to the podcast are not

necessarily customers customers are not

necessarily people who listen to the



yes i can run my own ad on here i

hope to convert people to get them to my

great simple life products on a simple

life now

that is a goal obviously to expose them

to my products

but here’s the deal like i just said the

crossover isn’t

uh hasn’t been to what i need it to be

to cover costs

so my expenses of the podcast have

greatly increased have tripled with this

new format and what i’m doing this year

all the money and equipment all that

different web hosts all of it i had to

reach i had to change everything add


that i’m not covering those costs


the sales in the business see that’s

what i mean this is it doesn’t equate


i have had to do advertising i’m going

to have to do it yes you’re going to get

pop-ups on the website yes you’re going

to get advertisements in the podcast yes

yes yes

i’m sorry i hate to break it to you if

that pisses you off that i provide all

this great information to you for free

go get your free somewhere else i

don’t know any other way to put it

this podcast is free

to go to my website is free

it’s my right to advertise on it to

cover costs i hope you people understand

it is a business i can’t run this at a

deficit continually for the rest of my

life i have to pay for this this has to

be paid for the only way to get it paid

for is advertisements that’s the only

way either that or donations all right

and a bunch of people told me to put the

donation tab in which i did it’s in the

show notes it’s on the website the

simplelifenow.com and i’ll be honest it

was rather disappointing

i’ll be honest i’m calling some people


if you want the show to be free you like

the show you gotta support the show

all right

i can’t make this any easier uh i know

that’s a little bit of a rant kind of

but not really you know i just want to

explain to people how this all works

how i have to keep this thing going it’s

not easy you know and and so by giving

you these sponsors i really would

appreciate it if you would check them

out like i said i use all the products

i don’t make a killing off these i’m

just trying to cover the cost of the

show that’s all i’m trying to do here

cover my cost on the show

all right

enough explaining that stuff

for god’s sakes holy cow why can’t we

trade belts and go hunting i agree by

the way


let’s get to our questions here we’ve

been i’ve been getting a lot but i’ve

it’s great i’ve been getting some really

good ones interesting ones i like that

they’re all very different and i’m

getting old so be patient with me as i

move stuff around here i’m having a hard

time reading these in my older age like

i said i need to get uh

some reading or computer glasses and i i

need to do that uh the new prescription

makes it hard so i have to make the i

have to make it really big

but uh

question one from susan f

have you and your partners ever thought

about creating a news network based on

integrity and truth

that is a good question i’ve been asked

if i would create a news network many

times so this is a good time to do this

this is a call out i am looking for


uh i can’t pay you

sucks yes again

uh but i will give you exposure

so i’m looking for articles related to

anything in the podcast the simple life

that i will put on the blog

you will get full credit your name if

you have a website where you sell your

wares i have to check it out first i

just can’t let you willy nilly put links

in there i can’t do that but if you have

a website that you’re trying to get

traction to i will allow you to put them

in there if they pass the gary test

so i’m looking for articles they don’t

have to be super long but you know if

you’re looking to cut your teeth or you

want to share some of the things you’re

doing and you just don’t have a platform

you don’t have a website or anything

well hey

send them to me

i can’t put a whole lot of effort into

editing them because i cost money

make sure that you edit them the best

you can

and i’ll clean them up the best i can so

we will not promise

it type a great editing and work the

message is the most important part but i

will make sure they’re not typo filled

or anything and if you send me a bunch

with a bunch of typos well guess what

we’re not going to be using them and

also i am looking for either a

journalist or would be want to be


and you can go out and again i’ll give

you a spot in the blog we might even

create a news page who knows and and for

that that that way if you’re looking to

get into the maybe

you know uh independent journalist field

but you need some exposure you need to

get some articles up hey man here’s the

way you’ll get free exposure and if it

turns into something down the road where

we have the simple life news network in

truth and integrity

hey i’m game for that too




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