Ep 148: Let Them Drive Electric Cars! – The Truth About The Oil Industry

Today, we are hearing a lot about what is causing sky-high oil and gas prices; Putin, Covid, your cat… but what is really the truth? Politicians and media pundits have gone from Covid experts to oil experts. Hey, just go out and buy a $60,000 electric car, they say. They are full of a lot of things, but mainly bullsh*t! Today, I do this crazy thing and bring on an actual expert in the oil and gas industry, as in he actually works in it. I know a foreign concept these days. We get to the bottom of the high price of oil and gas today, exploration, production, and dispel all the false information being floated around by people who don’t know their head from you know what.  de to show you how it works.

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Topics Discussed:

  • Bill’s background in the oil and gas industry.
  • How the industry actually works from exploration to your gas tank.
  • Why 9,000 private leases not being used by oil companies is a lie.
  • Why are gas prices so high right now and why they are going to go higher.
  • Why getting our energy from our enemies is a pretty bad idea at any time, not just right now.
  • How oil shortages in the US contribute to inflation.
  • Why a group of politicians in Washington seem so hell bent on destroying our country.
  • Why energy independence is crucial for the security of this country.
  • Why green energy sounds great, but it is not the answer at this time.

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