Ep 146: How China is Conquering Australia and the West

Today, Myles Wakem and I dig into the battle Australia continues to wage against China’s willing economic takeover. Then we move on to how this is the blueprint for China to take over the West, and guess what? They are pretty far along in this process. But we just don’t give you all doom and gloom–we dig into how all this happened and what you can do about it. We all need to understand we control this ship; we just have to realize it and change our ways. Burying your head the sand sounds good, but things are moving way too fast for you to do so. So let’s get this figured out and make a stand for freedom. The other option is to do nothing and die under the boot of tyranny, and I’m just not up for that!

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About Myles in his own words: I was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide was a wonderful place. Clean, great community, great weather, great food. I mean the idyllic location. My parents were not wealthy, but nor were they poor. My father worked all of his life for the same company. My mother was a stay-at-home parent. My parents owned their own home and paid it off. They struggled financially but were able to put me through private school. I was an only child – I guess I didn’t have to share their focus with another, so I got lucky.

I had always been interested in technology from a young age. I was such an avid learner that I would go to great extremes to seek out things and get involved in clubs, community groups, etc. I rode my bike everywhere – even for hours to the city’s center to spend my Sunday afternoons in the public library. Soaking up every bit of knowledge I could get. Strange things that people often didn’t pay attention to. But I did.

One day I got exposed to CB Radios. This was in the 1970s. I became obsessed (as I often did with things). I learned about electronics, physics, communications, etc. This led me towards computers, and eventually, I bought one of the first personal computers – in 1978, the TRS-80 Model 1 computer. I learned everything about programming that computer, and it became everything to me. As the computer industry evolved, so did I. I started a software company and became one of the few experts in software development in Adelaide – getting gigs to write software for government departments, big corporations, etc., and I was still not even 20 years old. My passion for technology was matched with a business passion, which started well before I discovered technology. I guess business was in my DNA.

In 1989, I moved to the United States, settling in Los Angeles. I realized that the ability to migrate from one place to another was a life-changing experience. It taught me to embrace everything I found within my grasp, learning about business in the USA, I got involved in the music industry, and I was able to leverage my computer programming experience to land work in some early startups – one of which became Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology corporation. Although I spent much of the next 30 years living in the USA, I never lost touch with my home of Australia, and in the late 1990s moved back there for many years before returning to the USA. In 2002 I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and I’ve lived here since.

I am a self-made business owner. I don’t have a job. I do have clients and I do work on software projects and data centers, etc. today. It is because this is what I love to do. It isn’t because this is my career. I’ve never embraced that concept. I think if you are blessed to find your calling early in life and you can turn that into an income earner, you will embrace that far more than a defined “career” that people have to convince themselves that they love to do. I got lucky in that regard. But it was more that at a young age I was passionate to learn things. I still am. I just can’t learn them in a classroom, or a lecture hall, or books. I have to go out and see things with my own eyes and touch things with my own hands. It is just the way I operate.

Today I run a technology organization, and thanks to my wife and her focus on investments in the 1990s, we learned the power of real estate investing along with other passive income businesses, and today I make 100% of our financial needs from passive income. This means we are free to travel and live an unconstrained life. But I also respect that I got an early start in this sort of thing, so I want to give something back.

Topics Discussed:

  • A recap on how the citizens of Australia found themselves in the position they are in during the Covid pandemic
  • The history of how China took over Australia’s economy
  • Why now Australia is fighting for its independence from China influence
  • How China is using buying our politicians and business elite against us
  • Why the China problem is much bigger than you think
  • Why we must change our systems from the inside out and the bottom to the top
  • How world leaders seem to be all in on the destruction of freedom
  • Why you should never settle for tyranny 
  • Why you can’t fix big picture problems until you fix yourself first
  • Understanding the importance of learning how to do things for yourself instead of waiting for others to fix them for you
  • How that damn Three-Legged Stool of The Simple Life is a large part of the answer
  • Myles and I discuss the importance of running our own economy with morality and ethics
  • Why we need to change our thought process about consumption if we want to win this battle
  • Taking our freedom back is easier than you think, but at the same time hard

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with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your [ __ ]





hey miles thanks for coming back

it’s like we see each other all the time

miles you’re almost like my long-lost

brother there you go okay arizona

natives huh i know right and and with

that it’s we we hadn’t talked that long

ago on here we see each other on ben

stein and other places

man the world has melted down since we

talked last

with the trucker convoys happened

now we’re the ukraines in a war we’re in

i would consider a proxy war somewhat um

sliding into the abyss which i told


be careful these guys are idiots they’re

gonna get us into world war three i it’s

on tape


that what we had talked about prior in

in in is about you’re an australian

expat you’ve been a us citizen now for

what 30 years 20 20 20 20.

and you’re still in touch you have

family there

and all of a sudden once

you know this war broke out and the


kovid’s gotten quiet the trucker combo

was part of that but it was more about

freedom i think canadians have had

enough and they just had it because


what people don’t understand in his

family they’re a hardcore communist

at their soul they truly are

and they’re corrupt as all get out his

dad was as corrupt as they come

and understanding that and tying that

back into australia you had brought up

because i didn’t know this


australia’s been in bed with china for a

long time now

and that’s why we’re seeing this

radicalization and kind of

strange australia that we didn’t even

see coming and we just saw it in canada

as well could you kind of briefly jump

back into that and talk about how china

became so influential on australia and

what’s going on right now

because it got quiet

well i left australia

as a resident


and right about that time i guess the

world trade organization had invited

china back in and china became kind of a

an active member of the world economy

and uh i didn’t see anything going on

about me when i was living in australia

we were coming out of a kind of a


um we didn’t really see the fruits of

things like the dot-com boom which were

happening over here

uh which was really one of the reasons

why i returned i came back to the states

was because of that

so when i came back here i just was 100

embedded in the us and i never really

worried too much about what was going on

back in australia i’d go back a year

every year or so to see family

and i remember i think sometime around

about 2001 my wife and i went back and

realized that there was this big kind of

real estate property boom going on and

because we were still citizens uh we

could get mortgages in australia so we

bought some property back then because

we could buy it cheap we saw that there

was this upswing happening and we had

access to credit so we we did

but other than that my relationship with

australia became kind of arm’s length i

really rarely ever went back

and uh

as years progressed i got to around

about 2008 and at that point i didn’t go

back for i’m like until about 2016.

my wife’s parents who were really the

only thing holding us back they were

mobile so they could come over here and

so they’d come over for three months of

the year and live with us and so we had

no reason to go back


what happened was when you when you

leave a country for that period of time

you you get this weird


uh experience when you go back you get

to see the place that you thought it was

the place that you remembered it was

to the place it became


we would go

my wife’s father died and then her

mother was unable to travel as much so

now the ball was back on our court to go

back so

since around about 2016 2017 we’d go

back on a regular basis every time we’d

go back we’d stay for at least a couple

of months

and uh

i remember

little instances of these things you’d

see in the news that since sometime

around about 2003

they started to do business with china

it began with china

buying a lot of australian exports

australia is an exporting country it

always has been it’s got an enormous

amount of land enormous amount of

agriculture and very few people so it’s

great at mining stuff it’s great at

growing stuff it’s great at fishing and

and agriculture and it ships all that

stuff straight out to the rest of the

world um china was buying up more and

more of australia and the biggest uh

thing was iron ore

uh they were using it for steel

production in china which was building

their cities there and and that was

being fueled by the american demand for

cheap globalized product from china

you know the typical you go into walmart

and everything’s made in china


you know going crazy in the early 2000s

2010s right

so that was that was kind of the pull of

demand which meant they needed raw

material to supply and they needed to

build infrastructure to do it so they’d

go to countries like australia but not

just australia go to africa sri lanka

south america everywhere they could get

what they needed to build their cities

to build their products to build the

things we the united states were

demanding from them and europe as well

of course but um

with all of this said australia

dodged the bullet when it came to 2008

when we had the you know the global

financial crisis they had absolutely no

impact from that their real estate


change at all their their employment

rates didn’t change at all they were


living on the wealth that was chinese

demand for raw material

so after about 2011 or so

the demand had gotten to such a level

and by then the australian farmers the

australian producers and the exporters

had become so addicted to china they

became tethered

and china started this process of

embedding themselves within the society

of australia they did it initially with

foreign exchange students

they would put they would basically take

over the universities because they were

funding it all

so they would go and send in their

foreign exchange students they did deals

with the australian government which

we could probably argue whether the word

corrupt is appropriate i think it is

they made a deal where for 25 000

a student could be a foreign exchange

student in australia and after two years

that was enough for them to be able to

petition for residency

with that residency they could bring

family members over so it was kind of

like a

you know what we would call anchor

babies it was like anchor students

that china would put in yeah and that’s

a lot of money i mean 25 grand a student

you know you can you can run in a small

economy you get enough students in of

just that

absolutely and what was even worse was

the fact that this was being abused and

there were no limits on the quantity now

you’ve got 1.5 billion people in china

and you have 20 i guess 23 million at

the time in australia so

massive difference in population and

very similar size land mass so all of a

sudden you’ve got this

population that wants to seed themselves

into australia on mass

it got to the point where one in five

australians were as were of asian

descent and i say that in the most uh

diplomatic way they were chinese


so 20 of your population was chinese

correct and your government didn’t see

any problem with this whatsoever no they

in fact justified it i remember there

were so many debates going on there that

were what they called the pro-growth


and the idea was the more population

that we had the more taxpayers and the

the more wealth the country will have

and look all these chinese are coming in

with suitcases of cash and we’re not

going to say no to them i mean look what

they’re doing to our economy well


there was that it gotten it was out of

hand and then what happened was around

about 2017

it started unraveling so what we we

began seeing in australia were that

operatives of the ccp the chinese

communist party were doing things like

trying to be elected in local council

political positions and then that grew

into state uh

you know senators and representatives

and so on and eventually all the way up

into federal because there was nothing

in the australian law that said you had

to be a naturally born australian

citizen to run

in any political capacity i mean

and there were premiers of states that


american or

asian or canadian or whatever

who were there because they could the

law allowed them to do that and china


operatives who became known to be

direct ccp

uh representatives or

let’s call it spies


from what it is right into political

positions and they started

uh changing the way that states would do

um rules like china had this thing going

on at the time called the um

uh the silk road initiative

and the idea was that uh no i’m sorry

i’m i’m calling it wrong it was a

belton road initiative i’m sorry

the belt and road initiative was this

attempt of china to build trade routes

using other countries kind of like

depots for ships that could then move to

another region and and onward um

they were doing things like in the in

sri lanka

they had

gone into sri lanka with a lot of money

and they got them very addicted to

chinese money and they said to the

government there okay well we want to

build a port for our chinese ships to be

able to dock at on their way to the

persian gulf because they need to refuel

and whatever

and uh sri lanka you should build a

support and we’ll pay you you know money

for all these ships and sri lanka that’s

really good but we haven’t got any money

oh we’ll loan it to you


so we’ll give you all this money build

the port and then you pay it back right

yeah while sri lanka goes yeah we’ve got

the money

well we’ll own you then will own the

port and we’ll control the entire route

of trade through the this port that we

now own and we have a sovereign lease on

that you can’t


uh well that started happening in

australia the city of darwin in the

north of australia

they they took their seaport and they

leased it to a chinese company that was

directly a proxy of the ccp

for a 99-year lease

for like i don’t know 50 million or 100

million dollars or something like that

and the um premier which is like the

governor effectively of the state

mysteriously resigned shortly after that

and retired somewhere in the bahamas

it’s interesting how that works yeah



this continued and what happened now is

the australian media started to shine a

light on it and they started to see all

of this corruption

that was the chinese playbook going on

in a country which in the past has been

traditionally a very trusting government

not really a great deal of corruption a

lot of incompetence but you know

everyone laughed at that but there was

never anything corrupt per se

but all of a sudden it started to come

out and then we started to see spies

who’s turned on the ccp

and started to

you know give out all the secrets to the

australians and the australian

equivalent of the

fbi or the cia i guess it was called

azio started to bring these guys in

and brain dump them and find out what

was going on at that point it was like

oh okay hang on

we’ve been duped here




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