Ep 145: Ask Gary Anything (Round 10)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On a fairly regular basis I pick questions sent to me from my ever growing list, and answer them on this podcast.  

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If you want to have your question(s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

* Some Updates and much more to come

  1. (Jamila) What is the most important thing in your life? 
  2. (Marilyn W) I know, do I want a little cheese with that whine? Serious, I know I am not the only one that is having a problem getting back to normal. What can you suggest?
  3. (Jackson W) I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out if I want to get into hunting or not. My question is, what is your overall opinion on hunting?
  4. (Chris W) Have you read any of HG Wells and George Orwell?

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with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your


this is life you gotta work on all these

until the day you die the only thing


is you getting off your butt



all right before we jump in to ask gary

anything questions i have four today i’m

gonna add one because i felt like it

again that’s how we roll here

do whatever we want freedom god damn it


yeah just uh hopefully uh i sound


a couple of rough nights of sleep and it

goes that way you get older remember my

grandmother complained about this a lot

right around age 50

the sleep turns weird sometimes oh my

lord no reason rhyme or reason

you just sleep like crap and that’s life

in general

and uh

yeah weird two nights in a row the first

night i was having crazy dreams uh kept

waking me up

but uh


if you guys want to hear uh as you know

as i advertise the world according to

ben stein and other shows i do w-a-b-i

is it wbic uh 93.1 fm in indiana with

rob kendall i do more political stuff

there um

i try and keep it to a minimum on this


uh just because yeah i i talk about this

a lot some people didn’t like it at all

when i started talking about politics

and things affecting us

and they got a little pissy and they

they when i just told them fly away

birdie no problem but the reason i talk

about some of it and i bring it up and

i’m gonna have guests who write books on

certain things corruption and and all

that i just think it’s very important

that you understand

certain aspects of our political system

and what’s going on because like i said

it allows you to make decisions you need

this information in order to live the

simple life if you bury your head in the

sand and try and live the simple life

you can do it the problem is if you need

to adjust you may screw up because you

don’t know what’s going on and like i

said i ended up in the situation of men

right now which is all positive for the

most part because i was paying attention

i was watching and

saw some things coming and then i share

that with you so hopefully that too is

it gives you the ability just to get

what you need here

in a sense instead of you know being

plastered to fox news or cnn or whatever

um that way you can focus on on the

things that you know positively affect

your life and that that’s what i’m a big

fan of so that’s one of the goals and

i’ll dig into one of the questions there

that i have today about that i think

it’s no wait it may not be in this one


but yeah so if you want

more shall we say political current


kind of things information on this send

the question in

go ahead and send like i said you can

send a question about anything this is

why it’s called ask gary anything if you

want to ask about current events my

feelings about the war in ukraine

all that i’ll do the best i am not an

expert in all things i have opinions

i’ll give you my opinion

and understand that that a lot of it is

my opinion but it’s based on uh my

background and what i’ve gone through i

i never answer questions that i don’t

know anything about and i will let you

know if you send me something that i

have no clue

i’ll go i have no clue and i’ll let you

know as i answered this is my opinion


that’s how i am there’s no here

i’m not here to trick you i’m not here

to to make you think i’m a genius and

some guy who’s a you know lifestyle

clairvoyant and i can predict everything

i cannot we can just do the best we can

with the information we have that’s all

we can do that’s all we can expect

and if talking about more current events

or politics and bringing some people on

like that pisses you off again freedom

people that’s what this is all about

freedom individual freedom

and i want to get into that just a

little bit before we jump in because i i

have to remind you of this why because i

i interviewed someone or some recently

who had reached out to me to be on their

show and i said well hey i think you’re

a better fit on my show first let’s go

through that and then i’ll make a

decision kind of thing

and they didn’t quite grasp


what i was teaching in a sense that

the simple life is obviously very

self-explanatory right living a simpler

life but the where where it gets where

people miss the boat a lot

is the simple life is about living a

life of freedom and taking that freedom

back that we have willingly given away

to big government big corporations

and losing our path in life

that’s what it’s what it really digs

into is taking these things back

we’ve given them away willingly uh

and by doing that what it does is it

gives you more freedom allows you to

live the life you want

but the problem and that’s why i push it

so hard and everything that i do is

based upon that three-legged stool of

the simple life you know optimal health

financial freedom by being debt-free and

finding your life purpose

i i repeat them all the time but you

have to you know it’s this thing if you

have to continue to repeat it to

remember it to get it into a mindset

and with that

these things are so vital and why

they’re so vital is very few people in

america are doing any of them let alone

one of them i mean for god’s sakes and

worldwide we’re running into this

worldwide i have listeners

all over the world i have people who

have bought my book all books all over

the world it is

it blows my mind

uh i hit number one hey this podcast hit

number one in malta so

in self-improvement i was like malta it

and so it’s very interesting to see some

of the statistics as they come in but

it’s very uh

what it does is it it really motivates

me because it makes me realize that this

freedom thing isn’t just america it’s

humans we want freedom we won’t be left

the hell alone get out of our way if i’m

not hurting anyone

get away stop screwing with me and

that’s the attitude and with all the

things we’re seeing right now uh

slightly political uh as i’m recording

this ukraine the warren will

ukraine god speak clearly

has just started and it breaks my heart

um to be honest with you as a former guy

who worked in the federal government

this was a greatly a result of our

incompetence in our government to be

honest with you

and i feel terrible for those people

they did nothing to deserve this

at all zero

and that’s why i push so hard in the

three-legged stool you have to fix the

small things before you jump to the big


and that’s what i want because our

government i’m going to be talking about

uh i think i’m going to start doing some

book reviews a little bit of books that

because some of these authors won’t come

on they’re too big they’re published

they’re scared to death

of going on an independent podcast where

big media is not involved you know it’s

not owned by you know spotify or

whatever it’s just it’s me i own all

this i run it you know i’m the one who

drives this no one tells me what to

do so they get a little scared by that

you know they don’t dig in you know they

just gotta listen to a couple episodes

but you know people are lazy today it’s

corporate america whatever media they

they just they want to sell books and

get eyeballs they don’t really care

about the message sometimes

so with that though doesn’t mean the

books aren’t any good the books are

outstanding so what i might do is start

i already have one that’s coming that’s

gonna blow people away um

but that i want to start maybe i’ll

start doing some book reviews and and

using some quotes and if they want to

see me knock yourself out you’re an

idiot i mean i’m promoting your damn

book um so

maybe i’ll do that but the small things

what i mean by that is the small things

are you

it sounds weird you are a

big thing to you but in the big picture

you’re a small thing and by fixing you

have to fix yourself

before you start looking at this massive

picture because everyone today with the

media and everything we see and we’re

bombarded with you know the these

corrupt politicians from the formation

of political and structures and


corruption has been here

humans i don’t get it you’ve heard me

talk about this several times i’ve had

psychologists on no one can explain it

humans are the goofiest weirdest

organisms in the universe that we know

of right now because we love to just

create drama and torture ourselves and

torture other other humans i don’t know

why i don’t get it we chase shiny

objects and at the at the destruction of

everything in its path

i don’t understand i don’t i my brain is

not wired that way i don’t get it have i

done it in the past when i was younger

yes it didn’t bring me any happiness



by fixing yourself first this

three-legged stool of getting healthy

uh you know being debt free finding your

life purpose what that does

is it it erodes their power

power over you over citizenry over us we

run this

that’s the part that people fail to



run this we the people we do this

worldwide i don’t care

us little organisms these big

bureaucracies the only reason they have

control is because we give them control

and by us giving them control is giving

away our rights like we do right now

with a three-legged stool this is

something that can go is worldwide this

isn’t specific to america the

three-legged stool is a worldwide fix

and that’s how i look at it if you get

your health together you’re financially

debt-free you don’t have any worry about

institutions you have to worry about

your bank accounts being frozen because

you figured it out right you know

you hide some cash you have some gold

and silver you know

there’s so many ways around it


and finding your life purpose and being

driven by being a better human being by

doing better things

and i hear people say oh gary’s just

angry and bitter now you know these

people they’re soft i’m glad they say

that because those people are soft

it’s the truth what i speak is the truth

and it may come off with some barbed

edges sharp edges jagged corners i don’t


i don’t care anymore i’m not here to

placate you and blow smoke up your butt

and and you know coddle you i’m here to

give you the truth




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4 thoughts on “Ep 145: Ask Gary Anything (Round 10)”

  1. Marilyn B. Williams

    Gary, I really enjoy the Ask Gary Anything segments.
    About the book reviews. There is an app called Goodreads. It creates a database from all the books you enter. I like keeping a list, because I do read a lot. It makes it easy to find the author and the book and other books by that author. Great for when I visit the library. I don’t usually leave reviews, since it is mainly for my own purposes. Anyway, it is a great place to enter all the books you have read and keep track. Just a suggestion as to an easy way to get your book list together.
    Enjoy listening. Carry on.

      1. That’s funny. I was thinking after I wrote the comment was that the only people I know who are on it are women.
        It works for me. I have a bad memory and it helps me remember favorite authors.

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