Ep 144: Dr. Sharon Grossman – How to Deal with Burnout 

Today, a great many of us are dealing with different types of stress that we may not have been prepared for. Let’s be honest, who could have seen the craziness of the last two years unfolding the way it has. With that, we may be suffering from, or on the road to burnout and not even know it. That is where Dr. Sharon Grossman and her book The 7E Solution to Burnout comes in. We dig deep into the seven things to analyze and incorporate, to not only deal with burnout, but to stop it before it even happens. Even if you are not dealing with burnout, I highly recommend you listen to this episode, as we get into many different aspects of human nature and how to be a better human as well. 

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Dr. Grossman is a qualified Success Coach, Clinical Psychologist, author, speaker, wife and mother of two.

More about Dr. Grossman in her own words:

For the past two decades, I have worked on improving the health and well-being of high achievers who so often sacrifice their self-care as a result of work demands and get caught up with everyone else’s expectations that they end up burning out at alarming rates. So when I started to experience overwhelm and burnout, the irony of the situation was not lost on me.

I, too, am a high achiever, so I naturally have never-ending to-do lists. My brain is always coming up with more ideas. I would have too much on my mind, no direction, and would focus on unimportant items while forgetting about more important ones. It would feel like there is never enough time to do everything I want to do and I would end up feeling stressed.

Coaching taught me systems around organization, planning, and time management. Now, I am super clear about what I need to get done each week, I plan for it and I stick to my plans. As a result of my optimized performance and mindset practices, I get more done in less time, have replaced overwhelm with accomplishment, and most importantly – empower my clients to reach their potential.

Through the integration of psychology and mindfulness, I’ve created a comprehensive and transformative program that teaches stressed-out high achievers how to effectively navigate their work and personal life so they can thrive. I love that my work inspires them to think BIGGER, feel more grounded, and handle challenging situations with ease.

Dr. Sharon Grossman is the author of The 7E Solution to Burnout and an Emotional Intelligence expert. She holds a doctorate degree in Psychology, has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and 20 years of experience helping her clients take back control of their lives.

Topics Discussed: 

  • A bit about Dr. Sharon Grossman
  • What brought about the idea for her book “The 7E Solution to Burnout”
  • How to recognize when your are on the way to or are burned out
  • Story of my recent burnout 
  • What are the 7Es of burnout
  • E1: Emotional Independence
  • E2: Empowerment
  • E3: Engagement
  • E4: Efficacy
  • E5: Energy
  • E6: Effort
  • E7: Enlightenment

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with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your





hey sharon thanks for coming on we’re

having a very lively uh talk beforehand

there may have been a lot of laughing

and screwing around and not knowing

where this may go but i’m going to keep

it on

down the road we can go off course but i

think this is very timely right now uh

you’re you’re an author you’re a

practice practicing psychiatrist or

psychologist psychologist psychologist

you don’t prescribe drugs um

and that’s what i like i like people who


in the mix

i’m not a big fan of just pure academics

because they talk from theory and not

necessarily experience so i like the the

hybrid of i always say time in the salt

mines but in the seat you got to have

both to be able to teach people and to

be able to work with people so with that

how did you get into what you do today

well i mean it’s a long story from the

beginning so i’m just gonna give you the

short version

you got time there’s no constraints here

yeah well i’ve always been somebody who

is interested in how the mind works i

think that’s why i ended up going into

psychology i really wanted to understand



figure out how i can help them

and as i was doing this work and i’ve


basically practicing for the last 20


over the course of the last maybe six

years or so i decided that i i really

just got turned on to coaching and i

thought about you know if i’m going to

start this other business

who are the people that i like working

with the most because as a psychologist

i would basically see anybody who walked

in the door

right you didn’t have a specialty then

as a psychologist with your practice at

that time just just that i worked with

adults and then

they would come to me through like

insurance companies and things like that

so i never really knew who was going to

come in they would just be funneled in

and the majority of people had very

similar issues so we would do a lot of

the same work so it would be depression


then we got more into like trauma work

and things like that

but as i and and of course they came

from all different disciplines so i had

people who were you know executives and

then others that were physicians and

others that were students and i’m

everything in between

and as i was trying to intentionally

create a business

around my coaching i really wanted

somebody who

i was going to be excited to work with

and to be more selective in my audience

and what i realize is i’m i really love

the people who are those go-getters the

super high achievers who

show up and they’re motivated and

they’re engaged because the alternative


from you know my clinical experience is

that i’d get people who

just show up every week and for them

that was enough it’s like i’m checking

the box i’m here

but they don’t remember what you talked

about the week before and there’s no

continuity in between sessions they’re

not really doing anything with the


and i was like that doesn’t work for me

right i’m really about saying

transformation and so i was looking for

the people who are

going to do something with it that get

excited that they’re like okay i tried

this in my life this is what happened

and i always take that kind of

scientific approach to try something out

come back that’s data let’s see if it

worked great if it didn’t work why it

didn’t work what we can try next and

that’s how you kind of build the life

that you want to build right we do that

in business but i like to apply that to


and so

i was like well what are those

professions where people are

really working hard and they’re

struggling and what are the things that

i can help them with given my

years of experience in the field how can

i kind of package that for them and so i

landed on burnout i was like oh what is

this burnout thing i mean we’ve all

heard the term but i was like i don’t

even know what that means let me look it

up and started to kind of read on it

and the more i read the more i was like

wow like people that

come in and they’re describing their

situation they don’t use that word

but that’s exactly what they’re

describing and i thought well how

fascinating that people are actually in

the midst of burnout and they don’t even

realize it

right and so then i decided like part of

my mission has to be educating people um

what to look out for

so that they can start to


the solution that is required right so

as a psychologist or even like anybody

in medicine or psychiatry like they know

there’s a diagnosis for the problem not

so that we can have

like any sort of stigma on the person

but so that we can have a tailored

approach so if your

foot is broken we’re going to have a

very different treatment than if you

have a sore throat and it’s the same

thing in psychology right so if you’re

depressed it’s going to be different

than if you

have anxiety attacks

well and that’s the thing too is you’re

right the word burnout is thrown

out all the time you know and you said

you found me through my episode where


come unraveled during covet a bit of i

was just frustrated with people

not taking advantage of the free time as

someone who had heard i’m sure you’ve

heard it the excuse especially starting

in health is the biggest complaint i

just don’t have time you don’t

understand my life you know the typical

excuse after excuse after excuse were

straight back to the smartphone

and it just aggravated me that people

have been complaining that they work too

hard don’t have enough free time they’re

burned out then they get all this free

time through covid

they don’t do anything they literally

double down on their bad behavior and it

threw me for a loop a little bit i just

got frustrated not understanding

that my audience isn’t the typical

person like that

like you said i have highly motivated

people looking to do better

and that’s what i kind of strive for too

i want the people who are going to

change who are interested in being

better people getting out there and

making things happen not being a victim

not complaining about the system yeah

hey i complain about the system enough

but i’ve worked in it and i tried bust

my butt to try and fix it i want people

who are fixers i always say you’re

either part of the problem or you’re

part of the solution so is that kind of

how you were weaving your way to find

your coaching kind of a person the

person who you wanted to come in

it wasn’t as much

what they’re doing outside the coaching

but it was what they were doing inside

the coaching so sometimes people get

stuck and that’s why

you know when you’re experiencing


it affects you in all different ways and

then it’s hard for people to

they’re not showing up as their true

selves right because they’re under kind

of the pressure of their their mind

their showing up in stress mode and that

just takes you away from how you

normally would be in the world so for


you’re somebody who cares very much

about relationships and you’re also very

knowledge based so you’re you’re a

thinker you’re somebody who um

likes to analyze situations but when

you’re under stress you’re probably

going into action mode and like what

more can i do and and

you change how you show up and that’s

what we see

happens when people are burned out is

they’re not themselves they’re exhausted

they are

cynical they are experiencing and

depending how far down the rabbit hole

they’ve gone i mean their body starts to

fall apart


are finding that they’ve developed all

kinds of health conditions all these

things are starting to affect you in

your confidence in your performance at

work and they start to become this

self-perpetuating cycle

right the more you see that your

performance has declined if you are

somebody who identifies

with getting things done achievement

right that’s what these high achievers

are all about it’s like i have to

perform and a lot of them their

self-worth is really tied into that then

all of a sudden

who am i

if i can’t do this

and then they get into the depression

mode and the anxiety mode and imposter

syndrome is showing up so it becomes

like i said the self-perpetuating cycle

where they the more


experience these symptoms the more

symptoms they experience

i i’m hoping that makes sense no

as you were saying all this

it was playing uh a part of my life in

my head and i’ve talked about it but not

in depth there’s a lot of pieces that i

i tell people there’s certain things i’m

just not comfortable about talking about


um because i i i go through life

evolving i call it some prior to

government service during government

service i’m in my post-government

service i’m in phase three of my


and phase two was incredibly

instrumental in in shaping what is now

but i’ve always been

gary i lost gary during the government a


and as you said that at the end of my


i was incredibly uh i mean i was

stressed out the worst i’d ever been i

was holding on by a thread

i was sick all the time uh my health was

terrible my sleep was terrible and i

thought by doubling down and working

harder i could fix the problem and it

made me less efficient made me worse

made me incredibly not even anywhere fun

to be around i was a horrible


munching i mean i was terrible i was


i was bitter and i would snap real quick

so it’s funny as you say those things i

was going through this progression and

you’re totally right

i didn’t even recognize it until the

very end to where i was almost too far

gone i caught it i think it was not just


it was a couple people around me who

came to me and said hey man

this is what you need to do



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