Ep 134: Ask Gary Anything (Round 5)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On occasion, I will pick listener questions and answer them on the air.

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If you want to have your question(s) considered, simply fill out the contact form on my website www.thesimplelifenow.com, or better yet become a member of “The Simple Life Insider’s Circle” link is at the bottom of the show notes. Today, we have some great questions:

Topics Discussed:

  1. (Mark) what type of holsters do you use for your handguns?
  2. (Adam) When you do have a drink, what is your favorite to have sitting around a fire?
  3. (Martin) can go over your thoughts for relaxing and dealing with stress of dealing with todays world and having a job that you have been at too long.  leaving someone to be unmotivated to much of anything.
  4. (Jamilia) When I listened to your podcast with Mike Hayes, I was wondering if you have ever thought about writing a book about your experience working for the US government? Retracing your story in each sector you served.

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with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your [ __ ]


this is life you gotta work on all these

until the day you die the only thing


is you getting off your butt



all right let’s get to these questions

as i need to bring them up

oh remember to turn off all of my

notifications which i’m

great at for getting to do

getting better gotta remember cell


chirping this that i remember when i

first started doing this podcast i could

not figure out how to turn everything


and it was rather annoying to say the



but now i’ve learned how to do it now i

forget how to do it with our questions

here i threw in a bonus today and give

you one extra question so

lucky you lucky you people

love these questions

uh from mark what type of holsters do

you use for your handguns it’s a good


good question


for those of you who do not own a

firearm i would recommend you get one

but these days

it might be a good idea especially if

you live in l.a or new york


i’ve been using kramer holsters pretty

much exclusively i use i’ve had some

safariland stuff when i was in law

enforcement drop down all that i don’t

use drop downs anymore they’re just kind

of a pain in the ass to be honest with

you and i’ll give you the reason why

because there’s another holster i use

which i like a whole lot better

but kramer leather

let me look



small mom and pop store there in

washington i started using their

holsters about 25 years ago

and for all of my handguns except for


um because it didn’t make sense uh

because i usually carry it in my pocket



that i do not have one for that one uh

because there just was no point um

i go with the horse hide

and i go with the non uh i go with the

basically compression retention holster

i do not have a thumb break on any of my

holsters i never have uh people think

that’s weird uh go uh well

the way they work is you have to pull

them straight out they’re not a hard

click retention holster they’re made you

can get them in two different ways you

can get it made out of horse hide or

cowhide i always get horse height

they’re not cheap

um but i think that

by far of any holster i’ve ever owned

and i’ve owned a lot over the years been

issued probably every major brand known

to man

or owned and this is by far the best

holster in fact one of my agencies


holsters from for everyone but me

and i was the one who told them and they

said you already have one which i’d paid

for with my own money yeah welcome to

the government people bunch of jackasses

oh cussing ding i was trying to stop

that it’s hard but yeah i’ve used those


the horse hide what i like about it is

it’s really light and these are all hand

formed so they these i

i literally like i’ve been talking to mr

creamer’s wife for ever every time i

called to get a new one uh she knows who

i am uh so i’d really appreciate if you

guys said hey gary collins

this is where i heard of your holsters

just so they know i’ve sent them a lot

of business over the years because

they’re great people


so i go horse side because hey they’re


they don’t deform it’s hard to explain

how this works but they’re very rigid


they’re just super light comfortable

and and they last forever

literally i i have my one from 25 years

ago it is totally fine

it’s a little beat up here and there but

as far as abuse and everything it looks

great it works great no issues with it

whatsoever still stiff matter of fact i

own two of their horse hide belts as


so i have a uh

a shooting belt they’re a little

different for people who aren’t familiar

with this this gear talk

a gun belt is different it’s thicker

it’s more rigid because when you pull if

you have a slappy slappy slap belt made

in china it’s going to pull and it’s

going to stay because your belt’s too

too gives too much and it’s too flappy

so these are thick and the horse height

it makes it even more rigid so i’ve had

this belt god i don’t even know

i think that thing’s close to 25 years

it’s at least 20 years old still use it

to this day

works great and that’s what i mean you

buy the product right you buy it once

there you go none of it’s made in china

they make it by hand it’s all made right

there in their shop

great people they have treated me

absolutely brilliant just

they have treated me so well over the

decades i will never buy a holster from

anyone else to be honest with you well

for except for the one i put in my

pocket so every time i get a new gun i

call him up say hey i need a new holster


in far as drop downs why i got away from

drop downs

like i said they’re kind of a pain in

the ass

they’re great for law enforcement uh and

anyone doesn’t know a drop down drop

down’s the holster that attaches to your

thigh and the holsters on the outside of

your hand your your strong arm


hand i don’t know if i

describe that exactly but what they are

a drop down is a holster

that you basically has a retention uh

thumb break in it a thumb flip actually

in most of them and it just so you can

access through your gear for those who

see the video so you think if you have a

coat jacket on uh you know you got your

bulletproof vest what it does gives you

access to your weapon outside of that so

it’s just easier to get to

um in the military use it because if you

have a long arm you you’re accessing

your long arm when you need to

transition to your sidearm it’s right



they’re good i find them in practical

for hunting and other things in mountain

biking i just they didn’t they just

don’t work very well i’m a big fan of

chest holsters


there’s a bunch of manufacturers out

there and i’ve looked at them all i

settled on a company called

gun fighters and i got to look

gunfighters inc

dot com

gun fighters inc dot com i’ve never

ordered from them i buy directly i used

to well i don’t i still will if i’m

there but they’re in idaho they weren’t

too far from where i lived so i would

just drive down go get them i’d go test

them out they’re always really nice all

guys couple veterans down there it’s

veteran owned

uh so i’ve i’ve got two or three i don’t

remember how many i have every time i go

through my gear i find stuff that i

didn’t know i had um but i use it all

it’s all relative to the firearms i own

but that and oh i forgot

ankle holsters i have a couple of those


i wish i could tell you who makes them i

don’t remember

um ankle holsters are difficult most of

them are crap

i don’t use them anymore like i said

fits in my pocket that’s why cargo pants

and shorts are so excellent

guns fit in pockets

and no one knows you have them if you

have the right gun you have the right

cargo pants


i would uh recommend those those are

like i said i’ve had no issues with

either one

none of them have ever broken i’ve never

had to send them back

that’s what i like

and and chest holsters are so easy i use

and people go chest hold secure whether

you’re out clearing your property of uh

you know locals and stuff and no no no

yeah they don’t i don’t use them for

tactical purposes i use them for

mountain biking and hiking

primarily they’re just so easy a chest

holster will mount right here it’s

almost dead center of your chest you can

adjust it down up but it’s better just

right here in your sternum rib cage area

uh above right right above your sternum

and so that’s another thing it’s easy

access so i want a mountain biking uh if

i have to jump up i can grab as i’m

getting off my bike because it’s on my

chest if it’s on my hip and not only

that bone it’s on your hip

it it it dings into your leg and it’s

just yeah i just don’t like it there and

hiking it just makes it super easy to

have it on your chest um

it just i just find it easier easier to


more comfortable

to me than have it on my side when i’m

hiking around but it’s preference

totally personal preference but great

question there mark that was a good one


because gear’s important that’s another

let’s get into a little scary tangent

about gear

i hope to get into more gear this year


it’s getting weird some of these

companies i’ve used forever have turned

into road jackasses they really have


i don’t know i just

you know carhartt’s really let me down

one of them i like their stuff but my

god the wokeness i told you i

unsubscribed from their email list i

kept getting uh

very woke ads of people i go that is not

your customer in that ad not even close

i mean they one ad was literally 300



it was ridiculous and i’m all and

a black lady with uh um

oh what do you call those those

not extensions but those braids not

dreads and i’m like what the f i’m all

that makes absolutely

zero sense

none whatsoever it was obnoxious

and i was like i’m out dude i i’m not

you know you better pull your head out

of your butt and figure out who who your

customer is and who you’re advertising

to nothing against those people but i’m

pretty confident they’re not wearing

carhartt stuff and if they are they’re

wearing it because it’s trendy which is

stupid so you’re going to buy

because it’s outdoor gear it’s farming

gear hunting farming outdoor gear if

you’re not doing any of those things and

you’re buying a gear you’re an idiot

you’re a complete clown in life i don’t

buy anything that doesn’t have a purpose

that i wear not just dumb it’s like me

going and buying a suit and hanging out

my front yard

raking with it don’t be stupid




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