Ep 132: State of The Economy Update – Preparing for The Storm Coming

In today’s episode, I discuss where I think the economy is going, what you can do to weather the storm, and recent moves I have made financially to put myself in the best position possible. 

I’m a realist, and I like to make decisions on what I can see and prove.  But today, we are being told the empty shelves, and skyrocketing consumer good prices are just transitory. Again, I only make decisions on what I can see and prove, which doesn’t pass the rational thinking and eyeball test. I know most of these upper-crust bureaucrats haven’t entered a grocery store or pumped their own gas in decades. So how would they even know that their fifty pints of boutique ice cream have gone up in price… simple answer, they don’t, and don’t care. 

So what does the economy look like in the near future for us working class citizens who have to actually work and pay for things with our hard earned money?

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Topics Discussed:

  • How and why we have been lied to… the economy is a disaster and has been for the last year
  • What is the real state of our economy 
  • How I made a whole host of financial and life moves in the last year to get prepared
  • Why I think the economy is going to crash in the next 12-18 months big time
  • Why the concept of “transitory inflation” is completely made up 
  • How inflation really works in the real world, not politician’s heads
  • Why you should not make any large purchases now or in the near future
  • Why if you can you should sell all your high value items and sit tight
  • Why being flexible and able to move on a dime is incredibly important
  • Why the Three-Legged Stool of The Simple Life is so critical to your financial security

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