Ep 123: Discussing the Downside of Starting or Living The Simple Life… Its Not That Bad!

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As most of you know, I don’t beat around the bush; I give it to you straight. With that being said, as with any changes you make in life, there is a downside. It isn’t all roses and butterflies living The Simple Life. Comparably to the day to day of “normal” American life, the downside isn’t all that bad. We simple lifers have had many discussions over the years about how things definitely change once you go down this road. Today I want to address some of the struggles and changes you will experience, as the more you know, the more you grow! 

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Topics Discussed:

  • What living The Simple Life really means
  • How as you dive deeper into The Simple Life you will experience profound changes
  • Why change is good
  • Why struggle and introspection builds character
  • Why so few these days pursue a simpler life
  • You are part of a small group of go getters so embrace it
  • Why pushing The Simple Life on others isn’t such a good idea
  • Getting used to being the real you

Episode Resources:

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* The Simple Life Website: https://thesimplelifenow.com 

*Make sure to signup and be a member of The Simple Life Insider’s Circle at: https://thesimplelifenow.com/the-simple-life/

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4 thoughts on “Ep 123: Discussing the Downside of Starting or Living The Simple Life… Its Not That Bad!”

  1. Yes, Gary, the crabs in the bucket will want to pull you off your well-crafted three legged stool and back down onto the widget treadmill with them.

    Stuff I have had to deal with living the Simple Life:
    *Having to get assertive in picking a place to eat that has at least quasi-healthy choices when dining out
    *New Year only “friends,” i.e., people who want to hang around you for the 1st two weeks of the year before they abandon their resolutions (and you along with them)
    *Family will not visit due to no TV or cell phone access outback. We mostly have to go to them, but, then, the visits are on our time and terms.
    *Family gets offended when we don’t send Christmas cards, stay glued to a cellphone for them, or accept our house being treated like an extension of their overstuffed attic. They eventually learned.
    *Snide or clueless comments from the overweight majority, from asking if I am in military (as if I am being forced to be healthy) to being “too thin.”
    *Rebellious comments bounced off me as if I were in place of a parent, just because I am responsible. I had to drop one friend for this one.
    *Negative comments about using cars, clothes, computers, vehicles, etc. that are economical and also get the job done. For example, my brother’s computer broke, he bought a sensible new one, and then relative chided me for not chucking my PC and buying a new one too, saying I had nothing to show for myself as my brother did. But, show who and why? I kept that PC some 10 years until it broke and my current one is some 11 years and counting. No use wasting money or landfill space.

    Thank you for this episode! I had not thought of the jealousy angle. Given what I have experienced, it makes sense.

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