Ep 122: Addressing Negative Reviews: How The Softies Love to Rant

Today, I want to address a negative review and comment on iTunes. Usually, I don’t give these the time of day, but this one hit a nerve, because of the false information it contained. Instead of providing an honest review of what they didn’t like about the episode, this individual distorts the topics and what I talked about to fit their negative thinking. I will dissect this review to show why I believe people like this are destroying this country and have no place in The Simple Life community.

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See Negative iTunes Review Below:

Fudo 77 “Episode 119 is a tire fire, and resembles an audio version of a FB rant filmed by a goateed guy in his car. It’s a great subject to cover (smartphone addiction), but this guy serves from the price of his toilet to NBA/BLM to Hispanic people on smartphones to women in the gym. He so wants to say women are worse, but can’t find the stats to.”

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why people (losers in life) feel the need to leave negative reviews
  • I dissect what this individual is really in this review, and a lot about themselves
  • Why I have an easy way to send emails to me to say what you really feel about me or what I do
  • Why I will never shy away from the topics that need to be discussed
  • Cowards leave personally attacking negative reviews don’t be one of them
  • Why we have become a country of victims and if you don’t agree with them you are a racist, sexist, homophobe
  • Why it is important for us “simple life” folk to start our own businesses and run for public office

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Transcripts :


with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your



hey everyone welcome to another episode

of the simplex podcast with your host me

gary collins

and uh

video number two yes you have not seen

that yet this yet

but uh this is number two in video which

we’ll be posting i want to give an

update me and my producer are working on

getting these up

and we’re going to be doing them in

segments like said later on with the

subscription model it will you’ll have

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the full video if you want to look at my

face stupid face for an hour but i know

people do that i have a lot of friends

who actually watch the videos of

podcasts or listen to them in the

background on their computer while

they’re working it’s easier

so i get it and i will provide that

along with many other things that i’m

excited about on the membership side


the podcast it’s going to be great i

can’t wait

be patient do all this in-house

lots of hours spent lots of money

because doing it in-house is

a lot harder


uh be patient all the and all for all

you uh late christmas shoppers remember

the journal is still available in all my

books you can buy them on my website i

send about priority mail free shipping

on every product on the website uh

digital products you can buy worldwide

no matter where you’re at physical

obviously i’m in the us shipping

overseas is a total pain in the ass and

very expensive go figure

god forbid people can buy that they

want worldwide easily unless you’re a

big company who has manipulated

the government and everything else and

you get special shipping deals and you

can ship everything all over the place

but a small people well we’re stuck so

we have to figure out how to do this and

provide it to everyone the best we can

for me right now

i can’t do everything that i want but i

do it the best i can this is all done by

me and the people who help me and work

for me so be patient coming coming

coming more stuff coming and today is

going to be an interesting one because i


i want to

address some things here uh i usually

don’t pay attention

to negative reviews


you know we’re going to get into that

today a little bit this one

i i go in there and i watch because i

like to watch patterns and see things

and you guys know how i am

my life is about seeing


you know i i eyeball test everything

what i see is how i

look at the world how i see it obviously


i don’t let talking heads you know tell

me how the world works i like to observe

it on my own and come up with my own

rational decisions on the information

i’m taking in

uh that’s a big problem we will be

addressing that in the future talking

heads everyone’s a talking head today

everyone wants their opinion heard

hence negative reviews and i’m not and i

want to make this very clear

i am not against negative reviews

they help me learn when they are

productive the problem is

99 of them are almost always personal

attacks and it’s because they don’t like


that’s what it is you have you have

pissed them off they’re very they’re

very thin-skinned people they’re victims

their life hasn’t gone the way and

they’re going to blame you for their

that’s how it usually works

it’s someone who has way too much free

time on their hands

and they’ve got to let you know you suck

without telling you in person and that’s

what i’ll address this a little later as

well of how to get in touch with me i’m

very open to negative reviews or your

opinion on on the show

anything you know i’ll take it with a

grain of salt it’s my life it’s my show

i’ll determine what’s what but in the

end i need the feedback and to



it just makes me i don’t necessarily i

wouldn’t say adapt but it gives me

when you do this stuff like i do

sometimes you end up in a vacuum

uh i do everything differently too i

don’t have things to go off of i i do

this all based upon my own thoughts and

what i think needs to be said and the

topics addressed and interviews and all


so um yeah i’m messing around here in

video i gotta get this uh review

yeah it was on itunes

and that’s uh a big deal and that’s why

you guys hear me harp about leaving

reviews for the podcast itunes is

obviously the biggest platform


you know it’s very important because

what happens is

a lot of people who are are you know


they’re the ones who like to leave the

reviews uh people who like the show and

really liked information

hey i’m this way i i don’t leave a lot

of reviews um especially

negative ones and negative ones are

products where people companies really

pissed me off uh usually

i just i don’t do it so

with that

it’s very important for the people who

support this show and like this show to

leave their views it’s a pain in the ass

i know that i know it i know it i get it

it is a pain in the ass so

it’s uh

hold on here of course

my computer is fighting me

and it will continue to fire uh upset me

it appears

okay there we go

turn off

turn off these stupid notifications that

come out of everywhere so


with that i want to just address this

one this will not be a reoccurring theme

but i think it’s very important today’s

day and age uh of of people uh there’s

there’s just a shitload

of negative nellie’s and meds out there

like i said everyone thinks they’re in

their opinion is important it’s not no

one gives a i’ll be honest with you

uh i i honestly don’t understand why

there’s billions of people on facebook

and social i don’t get it

uh you’re basically


losing life i always say that my time is

valuable i only have

a a certain amount of time here and


it it it’s not infinite it’s finite i i

have to get everything done with and i

don’t know when this time is going to

end hey there’s the there’s the beauty

of the whole thing this could end

tomorrow for all i know it could end

tonight in my sleep i don’t know

and so for me to focus on

these things even me focusing an episode

on it that i find it to be a bit of a

time suck but it has to be addressed

because people read these and i wouldn’t

have even

dove into this


i had a problem of the negative or the

false information and this is a pattern

and what i wanted to do was show

the pattern of what these people do

who like to leave these negative reviews

and think that they need to be heard

you know they

that’s what they do they manipulate

things into what they want

to make them feel like they’re smarter

than you they’re better than you you’re

a and and that’s a problem we

have a very serious problem today with

telling the truth and morals

huge in this country


hey i’m not perfect i do my best to

humans we like to lie i don’t know why

but we do i’m one of those people i’m

wired if i lie you i i’m terrible i’m a

terrible liar so i don’t even try what’s

the point uh i i i it makes me uh i

think about it i go why did i say that

off you know and so for me

like i said with my background doing

criminal investigations for a very long

time and dealing with criminals and

especially white collar and

criminals who are are very very good

sociopaths and i’ve always said this too

it’s very easy to get rich without a

moral compass

very easy

you know where it’s hard i just did i

had a conversation of this yesterday in

a consulting session of someone who’s

who’s starting up a business and i

talked about it and and everyone i

talked to we agree with this that i know

we’re getting off track but i’m talking

we’re going to blend this into morals

and understanding some certain things

and being truthful and only being

truthful to others but being truthful to

yourself for god’s sakes um


to start a business from scratch i know

it’s firsthand because i’m surrounded by

entrepreneurs too

and i’ve been around a lot of people

have made a lot of money and i let’s

just say none of them are my friends for

the most part i have a couple um but not

very many and all my friends i have some

brilliant friends who have worked very

hard they’re well off but they’re not

rich and no

god i don’t want this to be against rich

people i am not bernie sanders i do not

support bernie sanders like joe rogan

did we’ll get into that at some point

too uh

those false prophets be careful yeah i’m

gonna be diving in no one wants to take

big joe on i’m going to take him on i

know a lot of people in his circle i

know a lot of people have been on his


things need to be addressed there


and that will guarantee to piss some

people off and i may lose some friends

so i don’t care that’s what we’re going

to be addressing and that’s why i’m

addressing these things too is a lot of

these things people won’t

won’t take on


and i’m gonna take them on like this

review i’m gonna take it on because it’s

uh and the way they went about it is a

terrible way to do this like i said it’s

a personal attack if you don’t like me

hey that’s fine there’s a lot of people

i don’t like i don’t go attack them you

know that’s the problem with this world

you don’t like them leave

just leave it’s a free podcast

don’t listen to it if the episode upsets


send me an email we’re gonna go in that

so yeah

we’ll we’ll dig into that but yeah

there’s just so much going on

so let’s read this thing and i’m gonna

dissect it and and

uh like i said with my criminal

investigation background and all these

you know

psychology courses and understanding how

humans communicate lie

and i i if there’s anything i have a phd

in unlike uh

chill pine but

it’s that i mean i’ve had i’ve sat

through so many interviews


worldwide i’ve done a lot of where

i’ve dealt with the nastiest people on

the face of the planet

i know

and manipulation when i see it

and that’s the thing and

usually these people think they’re so

much smarter than you

which is interesting that’s the point i

want to make too is they always think

they’re smarter than you you’re just an

idiot and that’s that’s where this this

review goes so

let’s get into it so it’s fudo77 oh yeah

i’m calling your ass out since you won’t

use your name you piece of uh and

that’s another thing they never use

their full name to where you can find

them or figure out who it is not like

i’m gonna attack them but at least put


in there so i know it’s a guy girl and

probably this person goes by it his her

maybe so they’re probably one of those

people right

uh but it’s fudo

fudo77 so they know exactly who i’m

talking to and if they listen to another

episode yeah you all right so i’ll

start with that how about that if you’re

gonna say that to me i’m gonna get my

and that’s thing about itunes i can’t

even respond back to this

and it that’s the part i have a big

problem with it too is they get to stay

there say i get to say nothing so i said

i’m going to do an episode screw

you you think you can get away with this

i’m not going to put up with it and

that’s going to be a big part of or

2022. i ain’t putting up with anyone’s

anymore so if you don’t like that

you don’t like the rants you don’t like

what i have to say go away there’s

plenty of other podcasts for you to

listen to there’s plenty of other things

for you to do with your time i am not

holding you here i am not torturing you

chaining you to your your phone computer

and making you listen to these just go

away again like motley crue don’t go

away man just go away all right that’s

how i look at it just go away and and

your time is better spent if you have to

sit there

and get aggravated and get all spun up

and leave leave a negative

review you’re not part of the simple

life philosophy you’re not welcome here

i’ll be honest with you i’m i’m very

inclusive but i’m also exclusive in the

fact that i know people who don’t want

to change

and i’ll be honest most people do not


they are set in their ways and these

negative nellies and neds are miserable

they will continue their entire life

this way they will never change because

they’re always right you’re wrong you’re

a dummy they’re brilliant their life’s a

show but it’s not their fault

that’s how it goes

been around the been around for a while

so episode 119 it was the one

that actually got a lot of great

feedback so

obviously this person was pissed off 119

episode 119 was about uh

women and their addiction to cell phones

and the title was pretty clear a message

to american women get the off your

your smartphone

because i’ve just i’ve lost it and i’ve

had and this is it wasn’t based on me

just losing it recently i’ve watched

this pattern go on for the last five


and i’ve talked to i’ve lost count how


people i’ve talked to

uh about their wives girlfriends

daughters just will not let go of their

goddamn smartphone

you know a matter of fact i had a friend

who i know another tangent uh a friend


for work would have to get a new

a smartphone yeah we all do every once

well you gotta upgrade get new one it

was a it was a rule that when he got a

new phone

his wife had to get one too

i mean she drew her line she goes you

can’t get a new phone not i don’t get a

new phone it’s like what it’s for work

and that’s i mean i’ve watched this

insanity build and i’m not saying guys

are excluded you spend too much time on

your phone too idiots it’s just i’ve

seen a pattern

uh and i i told women if you’ve seen

something differently than me please let

me know

okay we’ll dig into that a little later

too okay

episode 119 is a tire fire

the fact that this person knows what

tire fires is interesting i’ve seen them

they’re not pleasant so okay

it resembles an audio version of a fb

facebook rant

filmed by a goatee guy in his car

well first of all i don’t have a

facebook account

deleted it years ago

i don’t even know what that means uh i

have a full beard

so i don’t know

i i guess comparing goatee are guys in

cars and goatees is this what they do i

don’t know i don’t pay attention to it

the fact that this person knows this

tells me they’re on social media all the

god damn time this literally i instantly

went oh


oh i get it all right all right

so that instantly i went

probably someone who spends half their

day on social media ranting and yelling

at people and telling them how smart

they are

it’s a great subject to cover smartphone

addiction parentheses but this guy

serves from a price

from the price of his toilet to nba blm

to hispanic people on smartphones to

women in the gym


i cover those topics sort of as you guys

know i go on to little tangents here and

there as i see fit

uh they hit me as i’m talking uh i have

a topic that i’m going to discuss but it

my mind wonders you know i i think of

things as i go and it’s

it’s just the way it is

and so

smartphone addiction well jackass again

they’re they’re they’re they’re

distorting the facts to fit their

negative review to make me look bad


jessie mullet

right is it jesse molay millet that guy

that just that idiot who faked his own

uh racial

beating and hate crime what a


um yeah i mean it’s along those lines a

victim i’m a victim i’m a victim i’m

going to show you and what what they’re

getting into

is basically

they’re starting to go down the road of

i’m a racist sexist pig that’s where

they’re going i already know it i know

these people better than they know

themselves i know instantly where

they’re going and anyone who’s a loser

in life


and it can’t accomplish their goals and

sees sees everything through race that

group of people in this country right

now is they’re ruining this country

absolutely destroying it from the inside

out these are and i have no

tolerance for them whatsoever and i’ve

said if you’re going to call me a racist

just because i exist

i’m going off the rails




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2 thoughts on “Ep 122: Addressing Negative Reviews: How The Softies Love to Rant”

  1. Remember the words of the great Zig Ziglar,
    “Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember ~ the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”

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