Ep 122: Addressing Negative Reviews: How The Softies Love to Rant

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Today, I want to address a negative review and comment on iTunes. Usually, I don’t give these the time of day, but this one hit a nerve, because of the false information it contained. Instead of providing an honest review of what they didn’t like about the episode, this individual distorts the topics and what I talked about to fit their negative thinking. I will dissect this review to show why I believe people like this are destroying this country and have no place in The Simple Life community.

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See Negative iTunes Review Below:

Fudo 77 “Episode 119 is a tire fire, and resembles an audio version of a FB rant filmed by a goateed guy in his car. It’s a great subject to cover (smartphone addiction), but this guy serves from the price of his toilet to NBA/BLM to Hispanic people on smartphones to women in the gym. He so wants to say women are worse, but can’t find the stats to.”

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Topics Discussed:

  • Why people (losers in life) feel the need to leave negative reviews
  • I dissect what this individual is really in this review, and a lot about themselves
  • Why I have an easy way to send emails to me to say what you really feel about me or what I do
  • Why I will never shy away from the topics that need to be discussed
  • Cowards leave personally attacking negative reviews don’t be one of them
  • Why we have become a country of victims and if you don’t agree with them you are a racist, sexist, homophobe
  • Why it is important for us “simple life” folk to start our own businesses and run for public office

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2 thoughts on “Ep 122: Addressing Negative Reviews: How The Softies Love to Rant”

  1. Remember the words of the great Zig Ziglar,
    “Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember ~ the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”

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