Ep 121: Ask Gary Anything (Round 2)

Welcome to another episode of “Ask Gary Anything.” This is where you, the audience, get to send in your questions about anything, and I will answer them. That is right, you heard it… anything, because that is how I roll! On occasion, I will pick listener questions and answer them on the air.

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Today, we have some great questions:

  1. What are your personal favorite podcasts that you would recommend to listeners of your show?  
  2. My question for you is if you would be posting new videos to your YouTube channel as you work to create your vision for your new property? 
  3. How do you think your jobs in the government have changed you? 

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Transcripts :


with gary collins

your how-to guide for getting your



hey everyone welcome to another episode

of the simple life podcast with me

gary collins and you guys can’t see this

right now


coming soon i’m actually recording this

episode in video so you will see my big

ugly face if you want to in front of a


picking my nose or if i got a booger

going on

so things are coming we’re working on

things i keep telling you guys the

little teasers i don’t do it on purpose

this stuff takes a while


uh coming though i want to introduce you

to what’s coming in next year already

talked to my producer we’re kind of

coming together with all the plans


i’m recording this video but you’re not

going to see it in video yet that is

going to be early next year

uh well i don’t know when i i shouldn’t

we’ll be doing more episodes there’ll be

two episodes a week

starting uh first second week of january

so be on the lookout for that

uh the format i would love to tell you

but you guys know i do things

whatever the hell i want i don’t even

know yet uh we’re interviews solos who

knows maybe even collins i don’t know

i have no idea it no matter what it will

be different that’s all i can guarantee

as always uh so be be ready uh like i

said i’m taking the uh mouth muff off

and i’m going to town because i’m sick

of i’m sick of people’s crap

and i’ve had it so

i’ve been working on the call out

episode of where i’m going to put some

false prophets

on the hot seat and i’ve got it kind of

figured out and how i’m going to do it

so with that uh yeah that’s probably

going to piss some people off and get me

blackballed even more by certain groups

which i don’t care because they’re all

jackasses anyway and that’s why they

need to be called out because i’m sick

of their double talk in bs

we need to follow the right people and

i’ll dig into that in that episode a lot

of i i as you’ve heard me say i firmly


a lot of the problems in this country

well there’s

multiple but one of them is we listen to

idiots that’s a big part of it uh you


the person who actually has the

knowledge is the person we never listen

to it appears we listen to

uh the idiot who’s trying to scrape a

penny office and dupe us with their


psychological tactics but i’m an expert

in that as a former federal agent i have

hours and hours and days and days and

thousands of interviews and

i know when someone’s manipulating me

and it really pisses me off so i want to

share that with you guys because i think


it’s getting harder to recognize these

these people are getting very slick on

how they do things and how they double

talk so with that but that’s coming

membership part that’s why i’m doing

this in video

and uh

i’m going to be offering a membership

uh part of the podcast that will always

be commercial free you’ll be able to get

special things such as the video version

uh i’m going to answer that question

here today and ask gary anything that’s

in there we’ll talk a little bit about

that it’s in there

but um

so i’ll be offering you that the audio

will be in there no commercials

uh eventually

i’ve been getting offered people wanting

to pay for spots on the show because

this is

becoming one of the more popular

self-improvement shows in the country

which i owe all to you the listeners you

are my marketing group i do not have a

degree in marketing i am not a celebrity

nor do i want to be one because they’re


but this is all us this is us the simple

life is about us um like i always say

that five to ten percent of people who

are actually going to change this

country back for the better and who have

pretty much built it anyway



with that i’m working on it we have the

new website coming out uh very soon but

i have to get that out first and then

we’re going to work on the membership

because it’s in-house i’m not going to

use any third-party software i’m not

going to use any corporation um i know

locals is out there now and the the deal

with rumble

you guys know me i’d rather have it

in-house that way you’re guaranteed

when you sign up for it that it goes

directly to

uh my company the simple life and you

guys know already

hey you’re seeing when you see this

video you’re going to see all the new

podcast equipment the studio everything

i’ve built i put all the money back in

and it’s it’s because i feel the message

is that important and sharing these

interviews and getting these people

uh you know who have the knowledge and

the things we’re interested in

it’s super important if if if if we

don’t do this no one else does it and

that’s how i look at it and for me

creating a membership site in-house

well no one’s doing that everyone relies

on these third-party tech companies and

all this well that’s dumb

uh we see where that goes so i’m going

to control it and uh so you when you


uh there will be a donation uh portion

of it too so you can sign up for the

membership like i said the membership is

in indirect

you get bonuses i mean you get access to

different things but also

what it does is it’s it’s a donation

it’ll be monthly so it’ll be a

subscription model

but the donation side you would there

will be a place there where if you want

to donate some money and to throw it in

there you can throw it in there i i put

all this money and time over a decade of

all this processing of credit cards and

paypal and all this so why would i not

use the tools i already have in place

which you know it just means we have to

build it and we’ll be building that from

scratch so it’ll be unique and it’ll be

unique to what i do

so i i’m looking for that it’ll be it’ll

be very cheap uh you guys know me i’m

not i’m not here to gouge anyone that’s

not what i do i don’t chase dead

presidents on paper that’s not my goal

in life uh my goal is to spread the

message and

help people and have them help other

people and pay it forward and that’s the

whole point of this show

trust me i would not be doing this

otherwise uh like i said there’s no

agenda uh matter of fact

i didn’t want to do this uh i know this

side we’re on tangent here but i like to

share this stuff in the beginning


people wanted me to do my own podcast

forever for part of it was bandwidth but

part of it was i just

it made me uncomfortable because

it’s hard when you’re i never

i’ve never wanted to be a star i’ve

never wanted to be the center of


uh maybe when i was younger playing

sports stuff you know be the star cool

make the game-winning shot who

doesn’t want to do that

but i never wanted to be the center of

attention it makes me very uncomfortable

uh i get a little

goofy when people come up to me and and

they give me praise and and thank me i

get i do i start to get

they can see it too it’s just like

oh no uh because i’m just i’m like you

guys i’m the same dummy who grew up in a

trailer nothing’s changed uh i’m still a

dummy half the time i’m just trying to

better myself and learn that’s it

but uh if we’re not doing it no one else

is doing it apparently so it’s up to us

so here we are and i hope i inspire i

actually have inspired other people to

do their own podcast and i help them as

much as i can not that i’m the

the end-all uh by any stretch stretch in

podcast but i think i’ve done a fairly

good job

and hopefully do a better job and

hopefully we we spread this message so

wide and far they can’t ignore us ain’t

gonna happen that’s the goal again but

hey let’s get to the show

oh real quick god i’m so terrible at

this crap the journal is still available

guys perfect christmas present

perfect christmas present is the journal

the simple life journal

tsl journal 10 for your discount your

coupon special coupon only for listeners

and people who sign up for the simple

life insider circle updates which you

can sign up for on the website and it’s

in the show notes so scroll down to the

show notes and there it is

easy peasy no spammy i only send them

out when i feel like it when i’m so

inspired to send out a newsletter

totally different from what all the

marketing people tell you what to do i

don’t believe in any other i do

things my way so i send them out when i

feel like it

there you go again not chasing dead

presidents on paper so

with that let’s get going um

and this can be interesting for me on

video because now people are going to

see all my shenanigans of what i’m doing


as i’m recording this which isn’t a

whole lot it’s me drinking coffee

oh right here

gotta have your coffee though that you

get the goat juice is super important

and good coffee not that shitty stuff

that may have bullet in it or


and we’ll get into that sometime too


coffee coffee coffee um

but to the questions and people have

been sending me great questions matter

of fact uh i kind of delayed i got

overloaded i got quite a few questions

but don’t that doesn’t mean don’t send

them keep sending them because there was

a wide variety and i really like the

questions because it keeps me fresh on

what people want to know

and i’ll answer

trust me we do as many episodes as we

want again i run this we can do

this any way i want i can do 10 of these

in a row and still do the other episodes

so i can answer all kinds of questions

so go ahead and send those and uh one

day i would love to do these live but

but reminder and uh

i’ll be

be bringing uh judah and ben stein on

judas ben stein’s producer for the world

according to ben stein those shows are

live i’m on every saturday

and usually tuesdays and they’re live on

rumble you can actually ask us questions

in there if you go in there and i will

be having a rumble channel and i’ll

answer a little bit that’s kind of

included in here but let’s get to the

questions make sure if you want to ask

me something live right now listen to

ben stein on saturday 7 p.m

uh pacific standard time and all it’s on

the show is and that’s going to be part

of this too i don’t forget i’m going to

answer this question so let’s do that

let’s just get to the questions as i

have to bring them up in front of my

face here


let’s see

question one what are your personal

favorite podcasts that you would

recommend to listeners of your show

again that’s where

almost answered it

right away

all right

i don’t listen to a ton of podcasts

i i used to and i’ve had to uh filter it


i’ve tried a lot of podcasts in the last

couple years especially in the last 12

months searching

most are just bad

i don’t know why that is it’s kind of

like books i’ve noticed a lot of books

are really bad today i’m reading stuff

that’s 50 60 80 years old and i’m going

these are way better i’m rereading stuff

i read as a kid that i forgot about or

as a teenager and realizing just how

fantastic those books were

i i thought

god i would say

probably eighty percent of the new books

i bought i are garbage i’m really

disappointed uh the publishing world has

turned into nothing but a uh

fleecing of

the reader um i don’t know if it’s just

because i’ve been an avid reader and

i’ve read thousands of books and i don’t

know it could i be too picky i don’t

know i know that’s not the question but

it relates to podcasts because every

everyone five years and older has their

own goddamn podcast i don’t remember how

many there are now i want to say 15

million i don’t know it’s a lot i know

it’s over 10 million i think last count

i heard was 13 and that was a year ago

13 million so

i listened to primarily

the world according to ben stein uh i

don’t list the shows i’m on because i’m

on them but i’m not on all and they

discuss uh

numerous topics especially politics so i

get my uh because ben stein’s been

the guy has seen everything i mean i’m

gonna be bringing him on the show again

he’s been on the show so you can go back

look through that or we’re gonna discuss

some things uh i plan to have him on

more and more as time a lot

uh but i listen to that show cause i get

good information and what i’m not a

guest they have different guests on than

me you know they’re not like me so i get

to learn from that show and like i said

ben is just a absolute source of

information uh the history that guy

knows is phenomenal so

i listen to that show so make sure to go

check it out it’s in podcast form it’s

live yes but you don’t have to listen to

it live it’s a podcast as well just

search the world according to ben stein

in your favorite platform

and boom there it is and you can go to

their website they have them there as

well so you don’t have to subscribe to

any tyrants of the tech world

the other one i primarily listen to

is the uh mock and rob show


rob’s been a guest i’ve been on their

show uh rob’s on with me on the world

according to ben stein that’s where i

met him uh

and what

they are a

how would i put it i wouldn’t call it a

satirical uh

political show it’s political but it’s


that’s what i love about it it’s

tongue-in-cheek they’re the biggest

conservative talk radio show in indiana

so this is no small fry show uh

they’ve both been in the business a very

long time

and i love mark’s been on here miriam

she’s been on uh

on my show as well so you can go listen

to that episode uh but rob me and rob

are on together i’m gonna be having rob

on again for sure

so i i love that show because i get my

my political

stuff and remember i i have to listen to

things differently than you would so

take this with a great assault of what i

listen to remember i run a podcast i run

a business i get interviewed so i have

to be

more informed in things that i wouldn’t

necessarily be informed in if i didn’t

have my own show to be honest with you

it’s just like this dumb thing right

here i’m just putting it up you guys

can’t see it my smartphone uh i would

throw that thing in the ocean in a

heartbeat if i didn’t run my own

business and like that i turned off uh

work emails in there matter of fact this

year and it’s been a blessing i only get


and uh that’s it that’s the only emails

i get i don’t even check those very

often and i’ll tell you what made my

life way better people go holy you

don’t answer your work emails

you know i do but not on my phone i

don’t need them on my phone i don’t need

to be blitzkrieg 24 7. there’s no life

or death

situations in the simple life emails


i think i’m safe there and it’s just a

different way of doing business not that

i blow things off i never do people know

how i do things that i’m very responsive

but it’s just i don’t need my phone

dinging 24. you get

trust me i get a lot of work emails and

i try and siphon that down as much as i

can which i think i get fewer than most

because of the way i do things

but those are the two shows i listen to



i’m trying to think of anything i listen

to sporadically here and there and i

used to listen to

oh god what is that show

is it the lord of god something like

that it’s a biblical show i’m trying to

think of it right now and i just blanked

uh i let’s do it occasionally um

and i’m trying to think what else oh

here’s another

here’s another one i listen uh to um oh

golly i am blanking out this morning i’m

gonna have to bring up my podcast list

here just so i can see

oh god what just happened uh oh

uh oh

what okay got it uh

oh geez i don’t know what’s going on



uh the eddie trunk show my gosh i can’t

believe i blanked on that i’m a music

guy i like hard rock


and uh

you know that was my job i grew up in

the 70s and 80s man in the 90s hairbands

and no big rush van we’re in a rush

shirt right now for that matter so yeah


i listen to that and i don’t listen at

all time like i said i’m very selective

on what i listen to because i consider

my time to be valuable so i don’t want

to listen to




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