Ep 120: How To Declutter During The Holidays

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How do you avoid cluttering your life with useless items during the primetime of the American consumerism bonanza we call–The Christmas Holidays?

As some of you know, I recently rebooted my life by selling most of my belonging and moving to another state. Even though I wrote a book about decluttering that doesn’t mean I’m exempt from the “too much stuff” bug biting me. I’m going through a pretty extensive decluttering process at the moment, and I thought there is no better time than the Christmas Holidays to tackle this subject. 

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We know that our culture is dominated by “consumerism,” but that doesn’t mean you have to be a gold star member of the “cult of clutter.”

In this episode, I discuss my current experience with downsizing and decluttering my lifestyle. I go over valuable tips and tricks to stop the clutter madness even during the holiday season.  

Topics Discussed:

* What does decluttering your life really mean

* How I found, I had acquired too many things and needed another round of major decluttering

* How to figure out what items are important, and what items need to go

* Why life is about relationships and memories not things

* How to deal with the emotional attachments you have with your stuff

* A step-by-step process of decluttering and how to avoid buying useless stuff

* How to live the life you want free from clutter

* The difference between things you need and things you want

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