Ep 116: What Really Makes Us Happy – You May be Surprised

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So what truly makes us hairless apes happy? Is it a brand new , a closet stacked to the roof with shoes, being a bizzillionaire, or having a billion followers on social media? Believe it or not, none of those are even close, but ironically we have been told the above are the road to complete happiness and bliss.

Today, I want to discuss the thing that truly makes humans happy– being a productive person. That is right; your path to happiness is actually based on building character by doing productive things. Not staring at your cell pone all day, or buying shiny objects you don’t need. 

Here is the best part building character and being productive doesn’t take a platinum MasterCard or overflowing bank account. All it takes is you getting off your butt and making things happen.

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Topics Discussed:

* How we have been duped into being unhappy

* What is happiness and how we can all obtain it

* What did Aristotle mean by “eudaemonia”

* Why I am working my ass off and loving every moment of it

* Understanding what “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” really means for achieving happiness

* Why realizing you will never reach perfection is rational but not striving for it is not

* What does work/life balance really mean

* Why finding that Life Purpose thing (the third leg of The Simple Life Three-Legged Stool) is so important.

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