Ep 109: Sane Virologist X – What the Data Really Says About Covid 19

As we approach two years of living in a Corona Virus world, things just seem to get stranger and stranger. At the risk of getting canceled and bombarded from all angles, I have decided I have had enough, and I’m not alone. Slowly our individual rights are being eroded by a virus that has now become political ammo to do so. 

How did we get here? What does the data actually say? If you ask these simple questions, you are a virus, vaccine, and science denier. If you don’t follow what appears to be a completely incompetent government hell-bent on tyranny, you have become the enemy. 

How did asking questions that are rational and well thought out make you an enemy of your own government? If you attempt to ask questions or provide data to the contrary of “the science” you will be instantly de-platformed in many cases on social media and at the very least have that content taken down. Does that sound like what the founding fathers intended when they wrote the 1st Amendment… I don’t think so. 

What makes this country great, is that we can express our opinions and have a rational debate. Covid appears to be ending that, and that is a very disturbing place to be.

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About Sane Virologist X:

Today, I’m bringing on a microbiologist/virologist, who has some of the most impressive bonafides on the subject of Covid. There is no agenda, no Youtube channel to promote, and no books to sell, just an honest interpretation of the data by a true professional in the field. Unfortunately, do to the climate of cancel culture, and threats to peoples lives in this conversation, I have decided to give this person an alias.

I did all the research and had many conversations with “Sane Virologist X”  so rest assured this is the real deal. 

Topics Discussed:

* What is the Corona Virus and what makes it different from the common flu

* Where did the Covid 19 come from and what makes it different from versions 1-18

* By the data is Covid 19 more deadly than the common flu

* Who is the most affected by Covid 19, according to the data

* Is the CDC manipulating and scrubbing the data on Covid 19

* What makes the vaccines for Covid 19 so different from traditional vaccines

* What are the best ways to combat Covid 19

* Why health is always the key

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