Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned And A Quick Update

Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned And A Quick Update

Recently, it has been a whirlwind around here, but I wanted to share a quick update with some big takeaways and announcements…

As some of you know from my previous post, I have been running an experiment by working on my business for a year straight. No vacations, no playing video games (I don’t do that anyway) or any funny business that doesn’t relate to or focuses on me improving as an entrepreneur.

While doing this experiment I have learned three valuable lessons:

1) Doing what you love, while even working more hours than ever before, is far easier than doing something you hate.

2) At some point, you will come to a critical crossroads in your business – do you stop growing and focus on maintaining what you have, or do you take it to another level. I have chosen to take it to the next level! The trick is to invest in the right next steps and be open to change.

3) Don’t force your model and projects. There’s a time and place for each one. I have been asked by my readers and friends to do my own podcast for years. Well, guess what? Now the time is right – see below for the details.

The results of this year’s hard work to date:

  • A new book is coming soonThe Simple Life Guide To Financial Freedom (Book 4 in The Simple Life series). Digital and print will be out on September 5th. Audio will trail a little behind because of the way that works, but I’ll keep you in the loop about both. If you want to get on the Advance Reader Team, go here.
  • A new podcast called: Your Better Life – Make it Simple Stupid (launching September 9th). In my typical fashion, this will be a different type of podcast, such as an open forum of topics. What do I mean by that? As long as the episode/guest has something we can learn from that is all that counts. And noooooooooo politics! There will be a spattering of things time to t that could be considered political, but that will not be the focus…. Ever.
  • A new Thriller book series: The Crime Beat – a total of 9 novellas (short action-packed books) that I consulted and co-wrote with author AC Fuller. I will have a future update and podcast discussing this project further. Three books are releasing a few days a part — August 30th, September 6th, September 13th.
  • A new and improved website is coming very soon. In fact, it’s in the works as I write this. I’m hoping to make it more user-friendly with all kinds of great information relating to helping you live The Simple Life.
  • More speaking engagements are coming in 2020. My team and I are working diligently to get even more speaking engagements to help spread the word far and wide. So far, I have seven events scheduled all across the country. Stay tuned for the locations, dates, and times.

While we are on the topic of speaking engagements below is my next set of events for the Mother Earth News Fair.

This will take place in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, September 13th, 14th,15th.

The schedule is not completely set, but it appears I will be speaking and having book signings on all three days. I will be covering the following topics:

  • Off-grid living
  • Primal/Paleo health
  • Primal living
  • Decluttering your life
  • The Simple Life principles
  • Finding your life purpose

Click HERE or on the image above to purchase tickets

Wooow. I know that was a lot to take in, but like is said… things are happening fast around here.


P.S. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks. I’m going to keep you informed as the new book and podcast come out. The email flow will be a little heavier than I’d normally like, but all good stuff as always.

P.P.S. As part of the Advance Reader Team for the new book, you’ll get an advance copy of the book and other surprises. If you want to get on the Advance Reader Team, join here now.

P.P.P.S. One last thing I want everyone to realize, living and teaching The Simple Life is my life purpose.

That being said, to my surprise, The Simple Life is quickly evolving and becoming a movement. So you are not a follower, you are part of the leading edge of a movement and involved in something bigger than ourselves… pretty cool!

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