Enjoying Exercise By Doing The Things You Like

Enjoying Exercise By Doing The Things You Like

I am a regular on The Survival Podcast as an expert on health, finance, and life simplification. Below is the transcript of my answer to a listener question on what to do when you hate exercise.

Listener Question

Gary, I hate “exercise”!

I mean, formulaic, repetitive, gym work. Kettlebell swings, laps around an oval, that flexy infomercial piece of equipment…

I like swimming, kayaking, going on day-hikes.   If I can replace regimented exercise with any of those, I’m more likely to stick with it. What activities are the best to get in a workout while having some fun?


Gary Answers

Gary Collins (Answer):  Hey, everyone. This comes up often when dealing with clients is I often get asked or told, “I don’t like to exercise. I find it painful. It’s monotonous. It’s boring.

I’m one of those sick puppies. I love going to the gym. I love working out, but I also change it up all the time, so not every day’s the same.

People are pretty surprised I don’t plan my exercise or workouts. I decide that day what I feel like doing and just do it.

But James wants to know if he can replace his regular exercise routine with the things he likes, like swimming, kayaking, and going on day hikes. My answer to that. The only reason humans have to go to a gym or perform exercise routines is that we don’t do enough physical activity in our daily lives.

Just 100 years ago, most of us were farmers. Most of us did manual labor. With more of the computer revolution and technical fields becoming more prevalent, such as office work, we have had to supplement or at least come up with a way to get some physical activity, because a lot of us sit behind desks all day.

I’ve been asked by homesteaders this question several times. I say if you have a homestead and you’re out baling hay, feeding the animals, mending fences, putting in fences, fixing roofs, building structures, that’s plenty. You do not need to add more exercise to that.

I would recommend that you don’t add additional exercise to a physically demanding job or lifestyle unless you have specific goals and you want nice biceps for those girls and all that good stuff. Then maybe you go do some bicep curls afterward haha.

But the best way to stick with…I shouldn’t even call it an exercise program. The best way to be healthy is to make your lifestyle your exercise program. Do the things you enjoy. If you like biking, hiking, going out and hiking to go hunting, those kinds of things, that is exercise. That is the way it works.

I actually tone down my exercise routines when I’m really busy with the house, building the house and working on stuff. It’s just too much to work out and then spend a full day working on the house because I’m burning a ton of calories and getting plenty of exercise already.

Again, it depends on your goals. If you want to have a specific physique and look a certain way, then you’re going to have to implement usually some kind of lifting routine, resistance training of some sort, because you have to train all the muscles.

Depending on your lifestyle, such if you’re only hiking, you’re not going to be working a whole lot of your upper body, so you may have to add some push‑ups in there, or maybe some crunches or some sort of abdominal and core workout.

No, James, that is totally fine. Especially swimming. Swimming is a full‑body resistance workout. That is a great one. Kayaking and day hikes. You got it. James, you’re doing fine. If you’re doing the things you enjoy, that’s the way to do it.

Thanks a lot, guys. If you have any questions, make sure to hit me up in the comments section. Thanks.

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