E85: Dating as an Alfa Male in a Beta World

Would it surprise you that if you are a politically right-leaning male living in Los Angeles today, the odds are you will have a very dismal or non-existent dating life? The odds of you being called a racist or sexist are far more likely to occur than you having a civil conversation with a female, it appears in this current environment we are living in. Is it fair, or is it some crazy example of how far we have gone off course as humans? 

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Today I have a special guest, Judah Friedman, Co-host/Producer of The World According to Ben Stein Youtube Show and podcast. Judah is a single Jewish man living in Los Angeles, who just so happens to a conservative Republican. Yes, I have been trying to talk him out of belonging to a party, but I digress. Judah shares his dating stories, or shall we say lack of dating, due to his political ideology. 

Trust me, this is a good one, as we dig into all the things that have created this type of cultural acceptance of if you are a male and don’t believe in what I believe in, you are sexist, racist, and just oozing toxic masculinity… you get the point! 

Bite Size Chunks of Who Judah Is:

  • A Writer 
  • Podcast Personality
  • Bred in a Brooklyn now California Living
  • Breaking the Jewish Stereotype
  • Youtube The Word According to Ben Stein. Aka/Ben Stein’s Boswell! Apple Podcast The World According To Ben Stein

Topics covered in this episode:

* Judah’s latest struggles in dating, while living in Los Angeles
* How being fat is not sexy… period! 
* How we are losing the ability to love each other
* The fact we are different is actually a good thing 
* Hate sells, but it makes for an ugly existence on this planet
* How we ended up in this hyper sensitive Beta world we live in today
* Why Gary gave up dating over a decade ago
* Why does the younger generation not to seem to care about sex
* Why music today is a perfect example of us losing and expressing our individualism
* Why and how we have lost our ability to communicate with each other
* Why a large of the people in the US today want us to all be the same
* Why embracing our imperfection is the spice of life 

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2 thoughts on “E85: Dating as an Alfa Male in a Beta World”

  1. William Jarvis

    Really enjoyed this interview as a 60 year old(although married) male. Starting in college, I always had “situational friends”- party friends, team sports friends, sporting event(fan) friends, work friends, mountain biking friends, volleyball friends, surf trip friends, etc. I always thought maybe there was something wrong with me, but it allowed me to have different sides of my personality be expressed. These days , this seems like a good approach to avoid getting caught in the trap of getting stuck in “your tribe” of like minded people regarding the current divisive issues of politics, vaccines…..P.S. Men used to watch sports to escape the stresses of life, now politics have infected all life including sports. I watch very little sports now( was already heading that direction because I did not want to spend 3 hours sitting on my butt watching someone else). Anyway, good stuff.

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