E78: How to Find True Information in a Controversial News Cycle

E78: How to Find True Information in a Controversial News Cycle

Are you struggling to find unbiased information to make political, educational, or just life decisions for that matter? Well, you are not alone, and you know I try my best to give you the most accurate information possible.

Ken Lecorte drops in to help us. Ken, formerly of Fox News, is on a mission to get the best information possible and a platform to voice our opinions. But DO NOT be misled. Ken is no “water holder” for the right. Just like a lot of us, Ken sits firmly in the middle on most matters.

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Ken has worked as a media consultant for over a hundred companies and candidates in the United States and internationally, including presidential campaigns in Colombia, Guatemala, and Venezuela.

In 1997, he challenged California law by publishing the state’s Megan’s Law list. Despite a warning from the state’s Attorney General, LaCorte hand-copied the state’s high-risk sex offenders and published them online. In 2004, California officially published the Megan’s Law database on the internet.

LaCorte became the Western Region Bureau Chief for the Fox News Channel in 1999, the national Director of News Editorial in 2003 and the VP of Fox News Digital in 2006. 

Ken was a longtime protege of Roger Ailes, first in the political world and later at Fox News. At Fox, in addition to running the .com for a decade, he was best known for leading the company’s efforts against Media Matters, as well as successfully spearheading the release of kidnapped Fox staffers in Gaza.

LaCorte left Fox News at the end of 2016. In 2018, he recruited former NPR editorial director Michael Oreskes and former Fox News executive editor John Moody to launch LaCorte News, “a digital news startup with the stated goal of restoring faith in media.” 

After watching the media’s self-destruction, in July 2020 he launched the Media Action Network which has three primary goals: 1) expose the dishonest media pretending to be non-partisan, 2) protect the victims of censorship and slander, and 3) help build the conservative ecosphere in media and online world, with a focus Silicon Valley tech.

The Media Action Network’s daily email gives its subscribers the ability to not just complain about the liberal media, but fight back. You can get a good sense for their campaigns at www.MediaActionNetwork.com

Topics Discussed with Ken Lecorte:

  • Why Ken decided to create his own news network
  • How the media has been taken over by extremist, mainly on the left and that isn’t good for any of us no matter what your political beliefs are
  • How and why our education system needs to be changed, so we can choose freely how and what we want to learn
  • How to solve the media problem in this country
  • What is Section 230, and how it effects our interaction and relationship with social media companies
  • How political tribalism has shown to be destructive throughout history, and why we must move away from this political mindset if we truly want to live free
  • Why the freedom to choose is actually what freedom is all about
  • How to counteract the big companies with political agendas from silencing us
  • Why we need to create our own networks and platforms  

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