E77: What it Actually Means to Get Healthy Now

E77: What it Actually Means to Get Healthy Now

To most of us in the health world, it is obvious we are in a health crisis in the United States. I would even say the entire world is facing this problem of declining health, but the U.S. is in the lead… by far. You might think I’m talking about Covid-19, but you would be wrong!

It appears along with our political divide, Americans have decided to kill themselves willingly, with a fork and a spoon. If you even mention, that you know a way for people to lose weight and be healthy, outside of what I like to call “the healthcare and pharmaceutical industrial complex”, you face the possibility of being banned from all social media and a target for “cancel culture”. Don’t even think of calling someone “fat”, well, when they are actually fat and, in most cases, obese, you will be called a “fat shamer” and insensitive. Today, I have a guest, who like me thinks this is complete BS, and this type of thinking of “it’s not my fault” has to end. Marc Lobliner is very outspoken in the health world, and most importantly he is tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions.

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Marc Lobliner, AKA; ‘The Machine‘ is an entrepreneur who owns a supplement and clothing line business – mtsnutrition.com, alongside being a chief marketing officer of several different companies.

Marc is also a bodybuilder and an internet personality, with fans from across the world following his diet, workout, and supplementation advice.

While Marc now enjoys a successful career and happy life, this wasn’t always the case. For the better part of his childhood and teenage years, Marc faced trauma after trauma – being bullied because of his overweight looks, and later, facing the death of his father.

However, he pushed through these adversities; building a dream lifestyle for himself through hard work, persistence, and a strong mindset.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Marc got into fitness and health
  • How getting healthy and into bodybuilding changed his life
  • What motivated him to start his own business in the area of health
  • Why being fat, and morbidly obese today is considered healthy by some people who do not live in reality
  • Why fat is not beautiful
  • Why and how the term “fat shaming” became the cry for those who don’t want to take responsibility for their health
  • How the pussification of America and Americans is destroying the freest and most prosperous country in the world
  • Why health is critical for your path and finding success in life

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