E68: What if Many of the Crazy Conspiracy Theories Were Right

E68: What if Many of the Crazy Conspiracy Theories Were Right

Is it a conspiracy if it only sounds too crazy to be true? Well, today truth is stranger than fiction, as the old saying goes.

What if I was to tell you that most of those crazy things you hear about Covid-19, censorship by big tech and big media, a small group of the rich truly want to dominate the planet, and the deep state are all true. Today I bring on Matt Erickson, co-host of the Wealth, Power, and Influence podcast with Jason Stapleton, to discuss these crazy conspiracy theories and separate fact from fiction. We dig into a lot of issues plaguing us today, and where we hope society is going in the future.

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Topics Discussed: 

  • A bit about Matt
  • The real facts about Covid-19, by using this crazy thing called data
  • How they are using a pandemic to control us
  • How the health industry is manipulating us
  • Why health should be the focus
  • How political division is part to blame for the Covid-19 debacle
  • Matt explains what an Anarchist is, and what their belief system is
  • Why looking to politicians for leadership is pointless
  • What is the 80-20 rule
  • Why a lot of people just don’t care and you need to ignore them
  • How information, especially misinformation is disseminated using social media platforms
  • Why you should look for mentors and not leaders
  • Why focusing on yourself is not selfish 
  • Using math to understand life
  • Why everything is interconnected 
  • Why the journey never ends, life is about living today and every day
  • Why you should never stop trying to better yourself

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