E66: Why The Simple Life is Now Considered Dangerous

E66: Why The Simple Life is Now Considered Dangerous

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We are in crazy times, as I just found out when The Simple Life website was shutdown by the (former) webhosting company, Siteground. In this episode, I dig into all the details of what actually happened and why. But it appears freedom and helping people live a simpler, more self-reliant life is not too popular with the woke left, and the companies they represent. 

Our personal freedoms are under attack, but we can’t give up, and I for one am up for the fight!

Topics Discussed:

  • An update and back in the swing of operation travel trailer
  • Why it appears my website was taken down and how I fixed it
  • How tech companies appear to be drinking from a cup of tyrannical power
  • They (tech companies) are coming for us, so we better be prepared
  • Why we must be careful with the tech we use in our everyday lives
  • Why the big tech companies will never change and should not be trusted
  • Why Jack Dorsey is full of it
  • How we can better protect ourselves in the future
  • Some rants on how I feel about the current state of affairs in our country
  • Why we need to be focusing on fixing ourselves first
  • Why getting you addicted and wasting time is part of the strategy
  • Why we need to create alternatives to the companies trying to silence us

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