E65: Truth and Consequences of the Nomadic Life

E65: Truth and Consequences of the Nomadic Life

Would like to start and run a business from anywhere? Leaving everything behind and traveling the world and making some cash along the way? Today I talk with someone who has done just that! Mike Hulleman, of the very popular website hobowithalaptop.com, is our guest today to discuss how you can live a life as a nomadic entrepreneur.

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Mike’s been a digital nomad in his own country in one capacity or another since he was 18, and he’s currently in his 8th year of living abroad in Asia.

Before that, he wrapped up his Toronto-based career as an enterprise ecommerce professional who worked with Fortune 500 brands and a team of 20+ skilled developers.

In his early twenties he was art director for the Burlington Jazz & Blues Festival, a freelance web designer, ecommerce consultant, and trained sales professionals in the tech industry.

Since he went ‘full nomad’ in 2013, he’s moonlighted as a film extra, become a best-selling author, professional copywriter, and occasionally helps brands tackle their digital marketing.

Nomadic Lifestyle Truths Discussed: 

  • A bit about Mike
  • What is the future of nomadic living with the current Covid-19 pandemic
  • How has Covid-19 changed nomadic living overseas 
  • How not to be a kidnap victim and retain your head during the process
  • Why you need to do your research first… YouTube doesn’t count
  • Why being a digital nomad is not as glorious and as easy as those fancy websites make it out to be
  • Some jobs you can do in order to be a digital nomad
  • The good and bad of living overseas
  • Understanding you must adapt to your new place, not the other way around
  • The world is a violent place so you better toughen up buttercup if this is truly the life you want

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