E62 Liberating the Censored and Stopping the Assault on Free Speech

E62: Liberating the Censored and Stopping the Assault on Free Speech

Are you sick and tired of the political and social bias on today’s social media platforms?

Even better yet, have you been banned from one or all of the big social media platforms for expressing your opinion? Did you know there is an alternative? Today I talk with the co-creator of Parler, John Matze. Parler is a competitor to Twitter but has been called the social media platform for racists, sexist and conspiracy theory pushers… do these criticisms have any merit? Or, is it more of the far-left media and activists attacking freedom of speech, which they disagree with? Today we find out!

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John Matze, CEO of Parler. John is a computer scientist and an expert iOS developer. He is an experienced software consultant, who developed and managed mobile applications and products for startup companies around the United States. John has worked for Alere Medical, General Atomics, and Amazon Web Services on a variety of products ranging from the hellfire missile deployment system on Predator-B to cloud storage infrastructure software handling millions of requests a second.

Parler was founded by John Matze and Jared Thomson in Henderson, Nevada in 2018. Matze is the company’s chief executive officer and Thomson serves as the chief technology officer. Both Matze and Thomson are alumni of the University of Denver computer science program, and some other Parler senior staff also attended the school.

Topics Discussed with John Matze:

  • A bit about John
  • How did the concept of Parler come to be
  • Why is social media so toxic today
  • How the media categorizes everything it doesn’t believe in as right-wing and racist
  • Should the big social media companies be regulated by the federal government
  • The philosophy of Parler and how freedom is at the center of its message
  • Do Ivy league schools really teach you anything
  • How you can run an ethical company and make money at the same time
  • How hard work trumps all
  • Does voting even matter anymore
  • Using social media as a tool and not a place to yell at people you don’t know

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