Jason Stapleton on Wealth, Freedom, and Life Simplicity

E60: Jason Stapleton on Wealth, Freedom, and Life Simplicity

Are you looking to run your life and business remotely… no boarders, no chains, and with absolute freedom? Today, many people weigh their options and wonder if a time will come soon where they’ll have to cut bait, not only leave the place they currently live in but possibly go to another country. With technology and know-how, today you can work and run a business from anywhere. In this episode, I bring on Jason Stapleton, who is teaching people to do just that. He has a short book called The Nomadic Wealth Formula and accompanying course to teach people how to live like a modern nomad and control their life and destiny.

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Jason Stapleton is an American Entrepreneur and former special operations Marine living in Los Angeles, CA. His first company, Trade Empowered launched in 2009, quickly became one of the largest and most respected trading education firms on earth boasting tens of thousands of clients in over 110 countries.  

In 2014, while still running Trade Empowered, Jason launched Wealth, Power & Influence, a podcast dedicated to helping people better understand current events and how to have more control over their lives. It quickly grew to more than 30,000 daily listeners and hit #1 on iTunes in multiple categories.  

In 2017 Jason left Trade Empowered to start his consulting company Stapleton Group Inc. Jason works with small and midsized businesses to build authority brands and develop content marketing and advertising strategies to help them gain market share, increase loyalty and improve customer retention.

Topics Discussed: 

  • A bit about Jason
  • How Jason’s failures taught him how to succeed after leaving the Marine Corps
  • The importance of living a truly free life
  • How the idea came about for his book and course – The Nomadic Wealth Formula
  • How the American Dream is actually an American Nightmare
  • What is the first step to living a life of nomadic wealth
  • What are the three things that must be present for you to truly live free
  • What is the difference between internal and external locust of control
  • We discuss the three pillars of nomadic wealth: 
  • Increase your human capital
  • Control the source of your income
  • Ensure the income control is mobile
  • Why failure is the most important lesson you will learn in life
  • What are the questions you must answer before launching your own business
  • Why if you don’t like selling you better learn how to
  • What are the criteria to create nomadic wealth, your business must meet
  • Some of the businesses you can start to live nomadically
  • Watching out for the charlatans and snake oil salesmen

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