E55: Why We’re Being F*cked on Disinformation with Cathy Reisenwitz

E55: Why We’re Being F*cked on Disinformation with Cathy Reisenwitz

Did you know only 1% of the content shared on social media is considered original? That it is estimated 70% of all fake news is disseminated on social media? We are drowning in bad and false information today, but what can we do about it? Today I bring on Reporter/Writer Cathy Reisenwitz to help us decipher fact from fiction and try and figure out what is really going on in this world. Cathy recently wrote an article: “Why We’re F*cked on Disinformation. In this episode, we dig in deep on the facts and the reasons behind her article.

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Cathy Reisenwitz, a writer, with bylines in The Week, Newsweek, Forbes, the Daily Beast, VICE Motherboard, Reason magazine, Talking Points Memo, Ravishly, Kink and Code and other publications. Her newsletter is Sex and the State. She is the Head of Content at a tech startup and VP of Comms at San Francisco Sex-Positive Democratic Club. Check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, and LinkedIn.

Media Disinformation Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Cathy
  • How the idea came about her article “Why We’re F*cked on Disinformation
  • How the Russian’s and Chinese are attacking America from the inside out
  • What is QAnon, and how are congressional candidates promoting it
  • Why Mark Zuckerberg is loyal to anyone in power 
  • How the Republicans are not being censored as much as they claim they are on Social Media Platforms
  • What is the goal of our enemies by their disinformation campaigns in the U.S.
  • How Craig Newmark, the creator of Craigslist is fighting, the disinformation war
  • How the press fuels the fire of disinformation
  • How you can better filter all the BS information in the media to make sensible rational decisions

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