E54: Demasculinization and What Defines a Certified Man Now?

E54: Demasculinization and What Defines a Certified Man Now?

Today, if you are a manly-man, you are in the minority through society’s eyes. Worse yet, you may be ridiculed and called a whole host of names such as: misogynist, bigot, chauvinist, sexist, and, in some cases, the Devil! The looks I have gotten over for the last five years, by well, looking and acting like a real man are very revealing. I have had women literally look at me with so much hate, I would have gone up in flames on the spot if they could figure out how to do it.

The fact is, a lot of women want “real men,” but it is getting harder and harder to find one. Today put some factor 50 sunscreen on your face because this one is going to be a burner!  

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Topics Discussed:

  • Defining the three different types of masculinity traits
  • Alexis’ experience with dealing with this “soft-cornered” modern man
  • Why gender roles are not only important, but a part of every organisms hard-wiring
  • Why you can fight biology all you want… a penis is still a penis, and a vagina is still a vagina
  • Why have the gender roles become so blurred in today’s society
  • Alexis tells her personal story on how her and her husband met
  • The real reason why women play dress-up
  • Why Gary is afraid to talk to the modern woman today
  • Why those steamy romance novels are so popular today
  • Why getting what you wish for as a woman is not all it is cracked up to be
  • Is it possible the fragmentation of society today is because of our confused gender rolls
  • Why even those far-left leaning women’s rights women in the end want a real man not some skinny jeaned, manbun wearing softy
  • Why not fighting our biology and focusing on being good people is the key

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