E50: Rethinking Justice and the Old Death Penalty

E50: Rethinking Justice and the Old Death Penalty

Would it surprise you that the freest country, the United States, in the world, incarcerates more of its people by percentage than any developed nation in the world? How can a country based on the concept of “individual freedom” have this contradiction?

Today, we dig in with Newsmax contributor Hannah Cox, why the United States not only incarcerates more people than any other country, but why we also execute far more of our people than any other developed country. And it appears a scary percentage may actually be innocent!

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Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative commentator, writer, and activist. She is a Newsmax Insider where she writes under her column “Life and Liberty,” and a contributor to The Washington Examiner. Her work has also been seen at NPR, Fox News, The Hill, and more.

Topics Discussed with Hannah Cox:

  • What is Conservatives Concerned with the Death Penalty
  • How many innocent people get convicted and executed every year
  • Is our Criminal Justice System really racist
  • The main problems with indigent defense 
  • Are there two Criminal Justice Systems: one for the rich and one for the poor
  • Why are false confessions more prevalent than people think
  • Why Prosecutors wield too much power in the Criminal Justice System
  • Why the death penalty is not a deterrence to crime
  • Discussing the alarming rate of people in prison in the United States
  • What is the “CSI Effect”
  • How is the supposed gold standard of evidence—DNA evidence manipulated
  • How Americans stance on the death penalty has changed recently
  • How we can reduce violent crime in America 

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