E49: Truth and Consequences of the Crazy RV Life

E49: Truth and Consequences of the Crazy RV Life

Are you yearning for a life of freedom, running your own business, and traveling the country in an RV?

As most of you know, I have, and still live the RV life. But today is not about me. Today, I bring on Reagan Snow, who has a fantastic story from a failed marriage, having his soul slowly drained away working in a cubical, doing the daily grind–to rebirth and total freedom! 

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Topics RV Life Tops Discussed:

  • Why being stabbed in the back “literally” changed his life
  • How his RV adventure started
  • Dealing with the Pandemic while living a life on the road
  • How his wife found his life purpose for him by accident
  • How much they spent to get started in their RV adventure (it may surprise you)
  • Why multiple streams of income are so important as an entrepreneur
  • How the RV life has taught them and me that the American Dream is actually the American Trap
  • Why simple doesn’t mean easy and this life isn’t free you need a plan and money to get started
  • The fact that anyone can live this lifestyle if they want to

Born and raised in a small Southeastern Idaho town Reagan Snow is the child of an upholster, road grater operator, pilot, and an English teacher (divorce does have some benefits). Due to an unfortunate knee injury during his freshman year of high school, Reagan was forced to abandon what would have surely been a mediocre career in high school athletics to pursue theatre. He went on to study theatre at Idaho State University and Boise State University.  At the same time Reagan spent time touring the Western United States as a stand-up/improv comedian. After college he spent time traveling The Northwest with the Idaho-Eugene Ballet company and Idaho Opera Company as a stage manager. 

Reagan then embarked on a career in radio journalism working for National Public Radio (NPR) in Boise, Id, Clear Channel Broadcasting in Tucson, Az, and Broken Chains Media in Fargo, ND.  Journalism then took Reagan back home to work for the newspaper that printed his birth announcement. 

Returning home also allowed Reagan to serve as a city council member, chamber of commerce president, high school athletics stadium announcer, an Sons of the American Legion Commander, along with many other volunteer opportunities

In 2017, while his wife, Erin Wright, was beginning her career as a romance novelist they acquired the advertising newsletter Full Hearts Romance. 

Erin is from another small town in Southern Idaho. She is the USA Today bestselling author of The Long Valley series of novels. She is also the creator of the Facebook group Wide For the Win. She is currently working on her 14th title in The Long Valley series which are based in the fictional Idaho town of Sawyer. By their powers combined they formed Snowflake Press LLC in 2018.

The small online business, along with Erin’s writing income allowed the couple the opportunity to work from home. In 2018 they decided that “the office” could be anywhere there was internet service. With their cat, Jasmine, an internet hotspot, and a 25-foot travel trailer they began traveling the western United States. They covered over 12,000 miles and visited 9 states in just nine months before family needs brought them back to Idaho.

While the current health climate has stalled their mobile lifestyle for longer than they anticipated Reagan and Erin plan to continue exploring as soon as possible 

During this pause in their travels, Reagan has access to a large supply of reclaimed lumber that he uses to create American flags. He has also taken the chance to rebuild his forge, a hobby that he has pursued for more than a decade. This led Reagan to create a visual arts offshoot of their company called Snowflake Creations.

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