E46: How to Hack Motivation with Former Navy SEAL Mark Divine

E46: How to Hack Motivation with Former Navy SEAL Mark Divine

Are you looking for a new direction in life? Are you struggling to get, or stay motivated?

In this episode, I bring on former Navy SEAL Mark Divine. Mark is well known for kicking people in the butt and helping them achieve their goals in business and life.

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Mark is from upstate New York and did his formal undergraduate education at Colgate University. His years at Colgate University were focused on athletic endeavors such as competitive swimming, rowing and triathlon racing, interrupted by brief episodes of academic activity. After graduation from “the Gate” Mark started his professional career as a CPA with Coopers & Lybrand in New York City. Clients included luminous and no-longer existent financial firms such as Solomon Brothers and Paine Webber.

Four painful years later, with an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business in his briefcase, he left behind the suit to pursue his inner vision to become a Navy SEAL officer. He was 26 when he graduated as honor-man (#1 ranked trainee) of his SEAL BUD/s class 171. Mark was fortunate to serve with many great men and women on active duty for nine year and in the reserves for eleven…retiring at the rank of Commander in 2011.

After leaving active duty in 1997, Mark started his second business career as an entrepreneur. He co-founded the successful Coronado Brewing Company and launched NavySEALs.com in the year he left the active duty Navy. NavySEALs.com is the leading web site for gear and information about the SEALs. US Tactical was next, gaining contracts with Naval Special Warfare Group ONE for training support, and the Navy Recruiting Command for a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL, SWCC, EOD and Diver candidates.

Mark’s business career was interrupted by a stint as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Diego, where he was pursuing his Doctorate in Leadership, then by a one year recall to active duty in 2004. The recall took him to Baghdad with SEAL Team One to conduct a special project for Naval Special Warfare Command surrounding the role of the USMC in Special Operations.
In 2007 he launched his CrossFit affiliate and the now internationally known SEALFIT program to provide transformational personal and team training experiences. The training utilizes an integrated warrior development model he developed, called Unbeatable Mind, which draws from his 20 years as a SEAL and business leader, 25 years as a martial artist and 15 years as yoga practitioner.

SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind are uniquely effective at elevating clients to a higher level of operating, thinking and leading – encompassing the full spectrum of human experience – Body, Mind and Spirit in Self, Team and Organization.

Certifications, experience, honors:

* CPA, New York State
* BUD/s class 170 Honor man
* SEAL TEAM 3 Platoon CDR
* Commanding Officer, NR SEAL TEAM 1
* Commander, US Navy Reserves
* Colonel, Kentucky Order of Colonels
* Ambassador, SEAL (NSW) Foundation
* Ashtanga Yoga Instructor training
* Combat Defense Master Trainer
* S.C.A.R.S. Military H2H instructor
* Seido Karate: black belt
* Goju Ryu Karate: black belt
* Saito Ninjutsu: brown belt
* Various CrossFit and Self Defense certifications

Topics Discussed 

  • After spending years working on his advanced college education and working in the financial world what motivated him to become a Navy SEAL
  • What were the most valuable lessons he learned while training to be a Navy SEAL and during active duty
  • What does he mean by the term “Fear Wolf” in his new book Staring Down The Wolf
  • Mark describes the “Five Plateaus” outlined in his motivational philosophy
  • Mark and Gary discuss different types of meditation techniques and the benefits

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