E40: The Kristine Stone on How to Make Life Have Purpose

E40: The Kristine Stone on How to Make Life Have Purpose

Are you searching for your purpose in life? Are you looking to change directions in life–personally, professionally, or even both? Today’s guest, Kristine Stone of SiriusXM, didn’t force it her life purpose. But how she did find it will completely surprise you. Kristine has been doing truly what she loves for nearly four decades as a radio DJ, and now Sirius XM personality.

About Kristine in her own words:

Born in Miami, 1967… fast forward through adolescence, puberty, and high school! Kristine attended Simmons College in Boston, in 1985, not having any idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I majored in French. Halfway through my studies, I entered a “DJ For A Day” contest at WZLX….and won! That Spring day in 1988 changed everything. I ended up interning at ZLX, and returned to the NYC area to see what I could do in radio…

I started at the Ct School of Broadcasting, and landed my first on-air slot, doing middays at WWCO, Waterbury, CT. From there:

  • WEFX
  • WRKI
  • WMRQ
  • WPLR
  • WHCN
  • WXRK

I have been with SXM since 2001, when they first went on the air, broadcasting across the U.S. and Canada. I currently work mornings on the Spectrum Ch.28, and afternoons on Classic Rewind Ch.25. I have a solid fan base on Twitter & Facebook, and can be reached on LinkedIn as well. I also have hosted events for SXM at The NADA, and hosted private corporate functions like The VIP Customer Conference at Disney World, on behalf of SXM.

In 2013, I decided to grow my business and expand into voiceovers. Thanks to my friends at CBS, I now do imaging and promos for WFAN, NY and WZLX, Boston. If you’re looking for a mature, warm delivery, with plenty of humor and sarcasm available, I could be the female voice you’re looking for! High energy reads, or sultry sexy low-key… I have a variety of different personalities to portray.

I work in NYC at SIRIUSXM, and have a fully equipped home studio in CT.

Kristine is on air, Sirius XM Channel 25 and 28:

Weekdays 5 am –  5 pm ET

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Kristine
  • How Kristine became a radio DJ back in the day
  • How Kristine found her life purpose
  • How Kristine transitioned from terrestrial radio to satellite radio
  • How Kristine expanded her skills and used them to build multiple side hustles
  • What it is like working from home as a DJ
  • Who has been some of her favorite guests over the years? 
  • The current state of the music business
  • Why the music of the 70s and 80s is so much better than music today
  • Why us RUSH fans are so goofy
  • Where does Kristine think the music industry is going in the future

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