E39: Dr William Curtis on How to Make Being Healthy Simple

E39: Dr William Curtis on How to Make Being Healthy Simple

Are you curious why, as Americans, we are getting bigger and bigger, and unhealthier at an alarming rate? Are you one of these Americans? Well, today I have a special guest, and friend, Dr. William Curtis who is going to get to the heart of that matter.

Dr. William Curtis, MD is a family medicine specialist in Corpus Christi, TX and has been practicing for 18 years. He graduated from University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio in 1999, and specializes in family medicine, integrative medicine, and more.

He began blogging to share his common-sense insight with patients, friends, and community and enjoys exploring chronic medical conditions and searching for their common origins… usually nutritional and lifestyle choices.  

The www.NRGTRIBE.com  was born to serve as a resource for all those interested in maximizing their vitality through goal setting, everyday fitness, and “real” nutrition.  It serves as a living resource and a point of reference for those attempting to ‘Bridge the gap’ to better health.  

Curtis states, “My patients all know I believe health doesn’t come from a medicine bottle!”

Dr. Curtis spends his spare time ranching, coaching competitive youth soccer, and enjoying the company of his wife and three wonderful daughters. 

Dr. Curtis is also the co-host of The WFO Life Podcast, which is about lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, and human performance. Each week, using professional experience, book reviews, and interviews to identify and share hacks, tips, and strategies for getting the most out of life. Seeking insight on mastering self, mastering craft and accomplishing any mission!

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Bill
  • Bill discusses what it is like being a doctor today in America
  • Bill talks about how he integrated his farm into his medical practice
  • What is The WFO Life podcast
  • The real info from a real doctor about the Coronavirus
  • Even though we have more access to health information than ever, why we are getting more obese and unhealthier at an alarming rate
  • What are the keys to living a healthy life
  • What are the keys to living a life of happiness and integrity
  • Why perseverance is the key to a successful life

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