E37: How Covid-19 Exposed the Greatest Modern Hoax and Results

E37: How Covid-19 Exposed the Greatest Modern Hoax and Results

Are you wondering how we ended up in this situation with the Coronavirus (supposed) pandemic? People are struggling, our economy is in freefall, and people feel it is hopeless. What if I was to tell you, we the people are the solution to the problem.

In this episode, I will discuss the difference between a consumer-based economy, which we are in today, and a production-based economy, which is the solution to our long-term financial stability. In our consumer nation, we are literally, and willingly giving up our personal rights, freedom, and ability to thrive even when things go wrong. In short, we are doing this to ourselves, and the solution isn’t found in big government or big industry; it is found in our communities and us. 

In addition, people have been asking if I’m back at my off-grid house and what I have been up to, so I will be giving a short update.

Topics Discussed:

  • A short update of my life off-the-grid in the mountains
  • How not much has changed in my life during the Coronavirus
  • Why I haven’t dedicated an episode about the Coronavirus (maybe later when the dust settles) 
  • There are a lot of whiners out there and don’t be one of them
  • The difference between a consumer and production-based economy
  • Why a consumer-based economy is destroying the American dream
  • Why a consumer-based economy plays right into the hands of big government and big corporations
  • The answer is an economy based upon producing services and items for each other
  • The importance of supporting your local small businesses 
  • Paying more for an item made in this country is a good thing
  • Why small businesses are so important for our long-term success and happiness
  • Setting yourself up for long-term success and happiness
  • How to avoid the misery caused by the next so-called “crisis”
  • Why we are the solution to the problems in this country
  • Now is the time to start planning for your future

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