E36: Teaching Kids How to Think For Themselves

E36: Teaching Kids How to Think For Themselves

Are you really born free? Even if you are, but don’t take advantage of that freedom, it will be willingly taken away. What if we taught our kids the essential skills they need to be free and live the life they want? More importantly, teach them how to capitalize on their freedoms without any outside interference from the government, public institutions, or False Prophets. 

Matt Beaudreau is a Certified Keynote Speaker at The Center for Generational Kinetics. His speaking clients range from Purina, Lockheed Martin, and American Eagle to Cedar’s Sinai and the United States Air Force.

Matt has a reputation as a leader in his own generation. He was a featured TEDx speaker and named corporate trainer of the year at Stanford University.

Matt has received standing ovations for his powerful delivery that combines The Center’s latest research and how-to’s with his unique experience working with clients around the world.

Matt has spoken to over 100,000 people across the United States and Mexico. He completed his undergraduate at California State University, Chico and his Master’s from Concordia University, Portland.

Matt’s personal experiences employing multiple generations, serving as a school administrator, and being an entrepreneur make him a powerful and action-driving speaker on solving generational challenges with employees and customers.

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Matt
  • Explains what the Acton Academy and how it is shaping its students
  • What are the core principles taught at the Acton Academy
  • What is the advantage Acton Academy students have over traditionally taught students
  • Why the current school system is nothing but an indoctrination into a life of serfdom
  • What is the future of education
  • How to launch your own Acton Academy
  • What is the Essential 11 podcast and its primary focus
  • Why owning your own business is the key to freedom today
  • His thoughts on the current state of our country during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • What are some of the keys to living a free-life 

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