E35: Behind the Scenes Truth About Fat and Diets

E35: Behind the Scenes Truth About Fat and Diets

Are you tired of being played like a fool in your goals to be as healthy as you possibly can be? If you listen to this show, you know Gary likes exposing all the False Prophets, not only in the health industry, but in all aspects of life.

Well, today Gary sits down with a special guest and friend for nearly a decade, Abel James. Abel transformed his health and has been preaching and spreading the word of primal health for a very long time. Consider him a brother in arms to The Simple Life!

Abel James is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Musician, and Online Creator. He’s the host of the award-winning Fat-Burning Man Show, rated as Apple’s #1 Health Podcast in 8 countries with over 50 million downloads and 2000+ 5-star reviews.

A “Coach to the coaches,” Abel has worked with thousands of people across the world to optimize performance, mindset, health, and longevity. Abel is named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness by Greatist and has been featured in documentaries, ABC TV, Entertainment Tonight, People, WIRED, South by Southwest, and hundreds more.

Abel’s hit podcast is named as one of the “Top 3 Health & Fitness Podcasts of All Time” by Huffington Post and has won 4 awards in independent media, including “People’s Choice” in Health & Fitness at the Podcast Awards. Also a recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and voice actor, Abel has won several awards including “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” in R&B by The Great American Song Contest. 

Hailing from the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, Abel enjoys playing guitar and piano, writing, reading, sketching, running, hiking, and discovering delicious foods with family and friends. He lives with his wife, Alyson, and a rambunctious yellow lab in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

His new book of irreverent poetry, “Designer Babies Still Get Scabies,” a #1 International Bestseller in Humor, is available now.

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Abel
  • The concept of primal health and what it means today
  • Why it is far cheaper to be healthy
  • Why are our rights and free will are slowly evaporating
  • How the corrupt businesses and fed gov are running our lives
  • Why are some plants illegal, but opiate prescription drugs are ok
  • Diet cola vs alcohol
  • Is alcohol ok to consume while trying to be healthy
  • How Abel and his wife recovered and detoxed after almost dying from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Why corporate censorship and shadowbanning by major platforms is scary for online creators 
  • What it was like to lose everything in a fire in Austin 10 years ago (then crawl out from rock bottom)
  • What starring on ABC Reality TV was like as a coach. (Abel’s teammate Kurt Morgan, the 47-year old grandpa transformed into a fat-burning beast by dropping 87 pounds in just 14 weeks.
  • What it’s like to release a new 360° (or 3D Virtual Reality) video every day for 360 days, including virtual concerts with original music.
  • Why we’re publishing VR adventure tours in 360 Virtual Reality of Yellowstone, the Badlands, Serpent Mound, America’s Stonehenge, and dozens more

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