E32: Paleo and What Happens When You Challenge Your Food

E32: Paleo and What Happens When You Challenge Your Food

Have you ever wondered where you really come from as a modern human being? Or what you are designed to eat? Today is your lucky day!

In this episode, Gary interviews Paleo Diet expert Trevor Connor. For those not fully versed in the Paleo topic, it directly relates to our former skinnier, happier selves—hunter-gatherers.

Trevor Connor was Dr. Loren Cordain’s (author of the best-selling book The Paleo Diet) final graduate student at Colorado State University. His research with Dr. Cordain has focused on the effects of a Paleo-style diet on autoimmune conditions. Their pilot study included close to 60 volunteers with diverse conditions ranging from Crohn’s Disease to Multiple Sclerosis to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. So far, the results have been very promising, including all eight Crohn’s subjects going into remission on the Paleo Diet.

Trevor started working with Dr. Cordain in 2010, soon after retiring as a Professional Cyclist. At 38, he felt it was time to hang up the bike. Trevor had studied traditional sports nutrition for over a decade and was admittedly very reluctant to accept the Paleo Diet. But after experimenting with the diet himself, Trevor was able to return to the Pro Peloton at 40, getting Top Five’s in several races and establishing himself as the top-ranked 40+ rider in the country for several years running.

Trevor is now the CEO of both the Paleo Diet, LLC and Fast Labs, LLC – a business focused on the endurance sports science. Trevor hosts a weekly podcast called Fast Talk and writes regularly for the international cycling magazine VeloNews.

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Trevor
  • Trevor explains the Paleo Diet from the perspective of Dr. Cordain’s research and teachings
  • The harm the Western Diet causes
  • Why processed carbohydrates are killing us
  • What makes the Paleo Diet unique, or not unique for that matter?
  • What is a hunter-gatherer and why it is important to understand them when it comes to our health today?
  • Some of the biggest health myths perpetuated by our modern medical system, food industry, and government agencies today 
  • Our thoughts on the Coronavirus and what is the best defense against it
  • Easy steps to understanding basic health and incorporating habits for change
  • The state of our terrible health and obesity epidemic in America

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2 thoughts on “E32: Paleo and What Happens When You Challenge Your Food”

  1. I enjoyed the podcast very much, I’m interested to know what your feelings are on the fermented foods that are popular right now.

    1. Avatar photo

      I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast episode. Fermented foods are a great way to live a Primal lifestyle. Before we had a way to keep our food from going bad by refrigeration, fermentation was a way we did it. Crazy as it sounds humans consumed rotting food, just as other animals do as well. The breakdown during fermentation helps with the release of toxins in plants and makes animal parts more digestible, not to mention fermentation releases vitamins and minerals that would not be accessible otherwise.

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