E27: The Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistakes and How to Do it Right

E27: The Biggest Entrepreneurial Mistakes and How to Do it Right

Are you interested in starting your own business, doing something that makes a difference and doesn’t crush your soul? Or are you burned out in your current career and looking for a change? Today, Gary interviews Executive Coach and Career Development expert Tammy Gooler Loeb.  

Since 1991, Tammy has been engaging her clients to clarify their goals, develop personalized plans and support them in achieving rewarding results. Clients acknowledge that Tammy’s compassionate yet direct insight has led to successful outcomes. Additionally, she has worked with organizations in education, biotechnology, healthcare, legal and professional services with coaching, workshops and team facilitation.

Prior to establishing her practice, Tammy held a variety of positions in mental health services, higher education administration, public policy analysis, and fundraising. Her practical knowledge and experience in organizational and leadership development, workplace communications, and change management that builds a relatable relationship with clients striving for higher performance results.

Tammy holds a B.A. in Psychology from Hampshire College and an M.B.A. from Boston University. She attained her coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute, earning the designation of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (C.P.C.C.). In addition to her coaching certification, Tammy completed the intensive, year-long Co-Active Leadership Program.  Tammy is certified to administer the Genos Emotional Intelligence 360 Assessment, and Education Program/Certified Platinum Partner with the Motivation Factor.

Topics Discussed:

  • Tammy discusses finding your own path in business and how to do it right
  • Tammy explains the biggest mistakes people make in starting their own business and advancing in their career
  • Tammy gives advice on how to get started when changing your career
  • Tammy shares her thoughts on the trends in today’s work and entrepreneurial environment
  • Tammy explains the bad habits that are stopping you from reaching your potential in your career

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