E25: How to Best Prevent Your RV Pipes Freezing

E25: How to Best Prevent Your RV Pipes Freezing

Today, Gary answers some questions, and gives some advice, as it relates to dealing with RV pipes freezing during the winter. He has been getting quite a few questions relating to this topic, probably because it is winter, and a decent amount of people who live off-the-grid in an RV or are living a nomadic lifestyle, have a listen…

So, this is a solo show (just good old Gary) discussing a topic or question, followers of The Simple Life are interested in. From time to time Gary will dedicate podcasts to the questions he receives. If you are an expert in one of these areas discussed feel free to send a request to be a guest on the show through his website contact form.   

Topics Discussed:

  • The biggest factor to prevent your RV pipes from freezing in the winter.
  • What is plumbing/pipe heat tape and how to use it?
  • Why there are many factors that you must consider when winterizing your RV.
  • Advance steps to take when you live in an extremely cold environment.
  • Why Gary recommends putting in property infrastructure first when living off-the-grid in an RV.
  • Using a structure temporarily or permanently when living in an RV remotely.

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