E24: What is Possible to Accomplish in One Year

E24: What is Possible to Accomplish in One Year

Ever wonder what would be the result of dedicating a year to grow your business and freedom? In this episode, Gary discusses what he learned working for one year straight on his entrepreneurial experiment to build his business.

There have been a lot of lessons learned along the way some good, some bad. The biggest surprise? There was way more positive that has come out of this experiment, life-changing, that was unexpected.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is Gary’s working for a year straight experiment all about?
  • Some of the major accomplishments during the year
  • Lessons learned
  • The importance of you being the brand in today’s crowded entrepreneur world
  • Why without his physical and mental health he would not be able to do this experiment
  • Understanding life purpose as an entrepreneur
  • How this experiment has made him even more efficient and focused
  • How minimizing outside distraction is the key
  • Understanding in life your work is never done, and how his life purpose and business will remain until he can no longer do it
  • And some added Gary soapbox moments along the way
  • What is in store for 2020

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