How to Destroy Chronic Pain and Live A Better Life

E23: How to Destroy Chronic Pain and Live A Better Life

Are you struggling with chronic inflammation, constant aches and pains, or just feeling lousy? Today, we are going to talk about how to fix the problem by eating an anti-inflammatory diet… it is easier than you think!

Shawna was diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine and could barely walk or sleep or live for that matter. Inflammation was causing her so many difficult symptoms, but inflammatory pain, in particular, was the great isolator in all its forms. She began to live secluded with her pain and that pushed her into depression and isolation. 

Once she discovered how to take care of herself through an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and reduce her chronic pain by 80%, she also saw many of her other health problems improve or disappear. She was able to get rid of the high blood pressure medications she was on and reduced her allergies and asthma down to almost zero with no heavy medications or prescriptions involved. Shawna soon realized she wanted to share her discoveries and help others. 

“I feel like I was gifted with this horrible inflammatory lemon and have been given a mission in life to change it into the grandest most delicious anti-inflammatory bad-ass lemonade cocktail ever. This mission is now my life’s work — to help you feel better through anti-inflammatory living.”

Topics Covered on Chronic Pain and Inflammation:

  • Who is Shawna Coronado
  • What is chronic inflammation and some of its causes?
  • What exactly is an anti-inflammatory diet?
  • How did Shawna discover the anti-inflammatory diet? 
  • What are some of the other benefits besides reducing inflammation?
  • What are some of the go-to recipes to get started?
  • What are some basic exercises and physical activities to get started when dealing with chronic inflammation?
  • Speaking at Mother Earth News Fairs and book signings.

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