E20: How To Stop The Negative Loop In The New Year

E20: How To Stop The Negative Loop In The New Year

In this episode, Gary discusses how to deal with the negative people, as they sure seem to be a lot of them these days.

Today we are surrounded by negativity, whether it is the news, TV, social media, or even our social circles. One thing I can guarantee if you surround yourself with negative Ned’s and Nelly’s, you will also be negative and never achieve your goals. It takes far more guts and courage to be positive and work hard to get where you want to go than to attack others and do nothing. The entire concept of The Simple Life is to help you find the ultimate freedom and happiness. To do this you need to focus on the things that positively impact your life and ignore the rest.

How To Deal With Negative People:

  • If you are focused on helping people and changing things for the positive you need a thick skin. 
  • Why the negative Ned’s and Nelly’s love to attack positive people of change.
  • Why I only focus on and allow positive people in my circle and why you should as well.
  • The goal is to ignore the noise and focus on the things that matter.
  • How to surround yourself with successful people.
  • Why money is not evil and is critical for your freedom and success.
  • Why I focus on a very small group of the population – people who are motivated and want to change.
  • Why you want to be the sledgehammer, and why negative people are not your or my competition

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