E19: How Your Health Impacts Your Freedom and Wealth

E19: How Your Health Impacts Your Freedom and Wealth

Have you ever wondered how America became the most obese country in the world? Are you struggling with your weight and health? The statistics say there is a good chance you are. In this episode, Gary sits down with Charlie Deist, who discusses the relationship between our personal freedom, wealth and health.  

Charlie Deist is a writer and radio producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He received his BA in economics from UC Berkeley in 2011, writing his undergraduate thesis on monetary policy during the Great Recession of 2007-2008. Fascinated by the wide-ranging effects of the economy’s booms and busts, Charlie began to study alternative economic and social models, including “seasteading,” or homesteading the high seas. His writings on sea farming and environmental economics have been featured on BBC.com and in Erraticus Magazine. He has also been featured on KPFA, and routinely guest hosts a weekly AM radio program, The Bob Zadek Show, which he produces from Berkeley, California. Charlie is passionate about the link between the health of the land and the health of people that it nourishes. He recently attended an agricultural writer’s workshop in Modoc County, where he wrote about the sustainable grazing practices of a ranch in Ft. Bidwell, California. Charlie lives in Berkeley with his wife Emma.

Topics Discussed:

  • A little about Charlie
  • How he found The Paleo diet and what he did wrong
  • What is “folk activism” 
  • What are the prospects for voluntary societies/jurisdictions that freedom-seekers establish from the ground up, i.e., seasteading 
  • Why the Green New Deal would be doomed, and what a decentralized/free-market approach to environmentalism might look like? 
  • What is the Natural Movement philosophy?
  • How has government contributed to various health epidemics – dating back to the advent of agriculture, through the modern subsidies and nutritional misinformation.

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