E16: Can A Nomadic Life Allow for a Sensational Business

E16: Can A Nomadic Life Allow for a Sensational Business

Chris Badgett shares his amazing story and best secrets of going from a glacier in Alaska to a successful tech entrepreneur.

He started learning about online education on a glacier in Alaska. He’s created courses on everything from organic gardening to woodworking. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurial educators find success and create an impact.

He is self-taught in WordPress and in figuring out how to create and sell online courses. Chris has been experimenting with WordPress, WordPress LMS plugins, and WordPress learning management themes since 2008. He joined forces with the talented team at codeBOX and helped architect the LifterLMS plugin.

What does LifterLMS software do? LifterLMS exists to democratize education in the digital classroom.

LifterLMS exists so that anyone in the world can create transformative educational experiences through the internet.

LifterLMS exists so that education entrepreneurs worldwide can create online training programs with very limited initial expenses. The free core LifterLMS software allows these education entrepreneurs to validate their training programs and make sure their students are getting real-world results.

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Chris
  • Chris discusses his past nomadic lifestyle
  • The challenges involved while living nomadically
  • How did Chris fund his nomadic lifestyle
  • What is involved in running a remote business
  • How did he start LifterLMS and what does it work
  • Why teaching and creating a product of value is the key to being a successful entrepreneur
  • When it comes to online courses what is the biggest challenge
  • What makes a good online course
  • Does it take a big following to have a successful online course
  • What is the future of online courses
  • Topics of successful courses that might shock you
  • Best advice for someone wanting to start an online course

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