E15: This Family’s Nomadic Lifestyle Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wanted to sell everything and live the nomadic lifestyle while traveling the world? In this episode Chris, Holly and I will tell you how.

Chris and Holly Santillo, of Five Backpacks, have taken up and succeeded with the nomadic lifestyle. Yes, even with their three young children.
I always hear from people that they can’t live a nomadic lifestyle or off the grid because they have a family and that I can do it because I’m single. I have said it time and time again – most people living the nomadic and/of off the grid lifestyle are married, and a great deal of them have children and pets. Chris and Holly will back me up on this, so if you are interested in this lifestyle, it is time to stop making excuses and make it happen!

Chris Santillo is a founder and head instructor at Potomac Kempo, a martial arts studio with four locations in Alexandria, Virginia. Holly is the founding conductor of Mount Vernon Children’s Choir and a Senior Instructor at Potomac Kempo. Together, they have been working with and educating children for more than thirty-five years. Chris has a degree in computer science from Harvey Mudd College and an MBA from Georgetown University; Holly has a degree in anthropology from Willamette University. As of the date of publication, they are nomadic, exploring the world and worldschooling their three children.

Santillo Family Credo:

Right here, right now, I am grateful for the health of my mind, body, and spirit; and the beauty that surround me.

Everyday I am grateful for the opportunity to create my destiny, which I greet with optimism, confidence, and joy.

All my life I am grateful for the love of friends and family whom I serve with generosity, patience, and kindness.

For this moment, for this day, and for this life, I am truly grateful.

Nomadic Lifestyle Topics Discussed:

  • A bit about Chris and Holly
  • How and why did they decide to live nomadically as a family
  • The trade-off between spontaneity and preplanning
  • How to be vigilant and keeping your family safe in far away places
  • How they are funding their nomadic lifestyle
  • How to and what is involved in running a remote business
  • What it takes to have the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Chris and Holly’s family values
  • How parenting seems to have gone so wrong today
  • What is their primary mission of living nomadically
  • The challenges involved while living nomadically
  • What are the key ingredients to a well-lived life

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