E14: How Brian Nichols Turned the Tables on Obesity

E14: How Brian Nichols Turned the Tables on Obesity

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get healthy when it seems all the odds are stacked against you?

Brian Nichols host, of The Brian Nichols Show, drops by for a chat. Brain shares how he lost 180 pounds and is now focused on being as healthy as he possibly can be. He has not only changed his health, but most importantly changed his life.

Topics Discussed with Brian Nichols:

  • A bit about Brian
  • What is the Brian Nichols Show and what is it about
  • Brian’s childhood and how he became obese
  • Dealing with being overweight and the obstacles he faced
  • Brian’s wake up call that made him take action
  • Our broken healthcare system
  • How he lost 180 pounds
  • His shift in mindset outside of just losing the weight
  • Why taking charge of your life is the key to happiness
  • His new lease on life and his new direction
  • His advice for those fighting being overweight

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