DIY Projects: Knowing When to Call a Professional

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Part of living off-the-grid is being self-reliant. Being able to address the different issues you encounter with ease helps you maintain your DIY status. Frankly, sometimes you live too far away to find anyone that will come fix your problems. If problem-solving and taking the steps necessary to fix an issue with your home isn’t working, it’s time to call a professional to take a look at the problem for you.

A Project Can Cost You More to Repair If It’s Out of Your Scope of Expertise

More often than not, we avoid having someone else take care of our repair work because we’re trying our best not to depend on the services of another person. It cost less to pay for parts, rather then, parts and labor.

Attempting to do a large project by yourself without the proper knowledge, tools or manpower is foolish. You’re not cutting any corners financially when you’re exacerbating a problem by worsening it.

Some of the areas that you may need help with include Electric, Mold, and Plumbing. Although you may possess some knowledge of how to remedy some problems on your own, you’ll know the time is right to call in a professional when it’s outside your scope of knowledge and capabilities.

Having someone else handle these issues for you has its advantages. First, it frees up your time, so you can do other things. Second, it protects you by not putting you in harm’s way for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Last, it keeps you from having to spend money on even costlier repairs because you wired something incorrectly or made a plumbing problem worse. Having a professional come to take care of the problems that you’re experiencing is a wise investment as it preserves your resources. It doesn’t mean you’re not self-reliant but instead pays testimony to how smart a money manager you are when it’s time to spend on repairs.


Even though the average person can change light bulbs and repair fans, replacing a breaker is whole different story. If done incorrectly, it can cause you injury or even death. Having a professional come in to make sure that everything is grounded correctly prevents you from being shocked and hurt in the process.

It also keeps your house from catching fire from faulty wiring. If you’ve never worked on the electrical components of your home before, it’s not the time to do it now. You’ll want to do more than read a few books or watch a few videos on how to rewire electric wiring.


Combatting mold is an ongoing task which at times, is better left to a professional. No matter how many times you try to keep mold from growing in your home, it comes back. If you see it growing in the crawlspace of your property, it’s time to have someone else deal with it. If there is even a small amount of water where mold once was, the mold will, undoubtedly, return. There are steps to take to prevent mold and moisture out of your crawlspace. A great place to find crawlspace products is at

This is one area of your home that you want to keep dry. If there is mold, there is a presence of water somewhere. When given a dank space to grow, it can take over a home and cause its occupants serious health problems.


Almost anyone can fix a stopped up drain or a leaky pipe, but when it comes to hot water heaters can be relatively tricky. Unless you have a good knowledge of them it’s best to have a skilled professional take care of the task for you. If installed incorrectly, it can cause damage to your home or to the heater itself.

Septic tanks are another problem area worth paying a professional for service. If there is a leak or a sewer leak, digging is involved which takes time and equipment you likely don’t have access to. Once the problem is taken care of, you’ll be glad that it wasn’t something you attempted to repair on your own.

Knowing When to Ask for Help

Although it’s noble to attempt to do everything on your own when you live off-grid, there are times when a professional repairman is needed. You don’t save yourself anymore or time when you attempt to do a difficult repair on your own. Instead, you complicate matters by potentially making the problem worse than it already was.

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