The DIY Living Off The Grid Workbook Is Here!

Going Off The Grid Workbook

I’m proud to announce the third book in the Going/Living Off The Grid series is now available! This is my first traditionally published book with Ogden Publications, which is the publication arm of Mother Earth News. Mother Earth News was fantastic to work with, and did a great job with this book. As you can see from the title – The Beginners Guide To Living Off The Grid: The DIY Workbook for Living The Life You Want, this is an A-Z book for planning your off the grid dream. This was a book I wanted to do for a while, but just wasn’t sure how to go about it. After discussing my ideas for a workbook on the subject Mother Earth News really liked the concept and the project was born.

Now this isn’t your standard workbook with just a bunch of lists to fill out. I have included some information that is not included in my books Going Off The Grid and Living Off The Grid. My goal, and I think I accomplished it, was to give someone interested in living off the grid the ability to plan a step by step process. So as you go through and plan your project with the workbook I give you the estimates of what each phase will cost that way at the end you have a good idea of what your entire project will cost.

I wish I had this book back when I started my project almost a decade ago now. I don’t do this often, but I’m going to make a guarantee – this book will save you a lot of time and money, heck that is why I wrote it 🙂 For anyone interested in this lifestyle I can think of no better and cheaper way than to get this workbook along with my book Going Off The Grid and Living Off The Grid. All three truly go together and are packed with a lot of useful information and lessons learned.

Below is the book description of The Beginners Guide To Living Off The Grid:

Wondering if an off-the-grid lifestyle is right for you? Afraid it’ll be too challenging for you and your family to handle? Author and speaker Gary Collins literally wrote the book on how to transition to a life off the grid. After almost a decade of walking the walk, he’s sharing his successes and failures alike so you can live the simple life without missing out on creature comforts.

The Beginner’s Guide to Living Off the Grid is a companion piece to Gary’s book, Living Off the Grid: What to Expect While Living Life of Ultimate Freedom and Tranquility. In this interactive workbook, filled with helpful checklists and worksheets, Gary will guide you toward identifying an ideal off-the-grid set up that suits your budget and desires so you can begin living the life you want!

At this time I’m not offering this book on my website, but you have two purchasing options below:

Mother Earth News Store


I also wanted to thank all the people who came out to the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, TX this month to hear me speak about Primal Health, Simple Living and Living Off The Grid. I really appreciate all the kind words especially from those who came to the book signing that was only supposed to be for 30 minutes and ended up going for almost two hours! Below is a picture of me with my books at the book signing.

Gary Collins book siging

The Living Off The Grid Workbook is also available at all the Mother Earth New Fairs in 2019. I will keep you up to date on my speaking schedule as the dates approach.

For those of you who are on my Advanced Reading Team, just a little reminder to go and leave a review for my book. Just click on the linked title here and it will take you to it on Amazon: Living Off The Grid

Be on the lookout for my next book in The Simple Life series called The Guide To Decluttering Your Life: The How-To Book of Doing More With Less and Focusing on Things That Matter. I hope to have this released in the next 4-6 weeks.

Also remember my follow up to my Amazon best seller Going Off The Grid, Living Off The Grid is now available and see discount code below:

Living Off The Grid Gary Collins






Buy Living Off The Grid to embark on an exciting new lifestyle today! Get an extra 10% off at my website by using code LOTG10 at checkout.

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2 thoughts on “The DIY Living Off The Grid Workbook Is Here!”

  1. Just heard you on Coast to Coast wirh George Noory. My husband and I are former off gridders. 20 years. Built our own farm from scratch. Solar and wind power. Did that ourselves too. Purebred Scotch Highland and maple syrup. We had to sell 3 yrs ago after a series of ill health and financial collaspe. We’re seniors. We are sick about leaving each and every day. I have written about our lifestyle for many years. We hosted open houses and I did many public speaking e gagements. We are trying to adjust to living in a small rural village. Too much to go into here. The human population really needs to be controlled to save the planet. We are a distruction,greedy blight. My opinion.

    1. Mary, thanks for listening to the interview, sorry to hear you had to give up your off the grid lifestyle. I hope you can find as much happiness as possible in your new lifestyle that is all you can do.

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