Coverking Seat Cover Product Review

I have decided after getting some pretty awful products over the last couple years, and even worse customer service, to dedicate a portion of my YouTube “Product Reviews”  and blog to those truly awful companies ripping me and the American public off.

Now, I don’t just go out with my flame thrower on any company I have a problem with, I always give the company I bought a defective product from a fair chance to rectify the problem. In the case with Coverking it started bad, and just flat out became worse.

Not to mention, recently I have had a numerous conversations with friends and followers of The Simple Life how product quality and customer service seems to be at an all time low in this country. So I thought I could turn a negative into a positive, by being able to warn people about products they should avoid… period.

Well, I want to thank Coverking for providing one of the worst product purchases, product quality, and customer services experiences in my life. They made absolutely no effort to fix any of the problems, and the best part – their product sucks, and sucks bad as far as I’m concerned.

Now to my experience with Coverking….

After purchasing a new truck I was looking for high quality seat covers that would last, as I have dogs and spend a lot of time outdoors. I did my usual research, which is pretty extensive when buying a high priced product. Trust me, CoverKing seat covers are very expensive, so you would expect them, well, to be of high quality.

The sales agent I spoke with to place my order was a complete moron, I had to explain several times the interior and seat splits of my truck. Now this was surprising, as they claim to digitally scan the inside of all cars that they sell seat covers for. I would think with this type of database he would be able to figure it out. After 30-40 minutes of explaining and back and forth my order was finally placed, at a cost of nearly $400. There were no upgrades, or any frills this was for a mid tier seat cover. You can spend much, much more for their supposed higher quality covers. At the end of the order he indicated I would receive an e-mail, with tracking, when the covers would be arriving, as sometimes depending on when they are completed they may be sent out in pieces.

I Never received any delivery e-mails, or tracking, they would just show up, and they did show up in pieces, as I received the front seat covers first. The best part no information was included with the box, such as what is in it, and when the other pieces would arrive, just a box with seat cover pieces. The instructions were pretty much worthless, I had to go on YouTube to figure out how to put them on. Yep, $400 and I get one sheet of crappy images, and unusable instructions. The best part, I received one bottom portion of the seat cover that wasn’t even for my vehicle and one headrest cover (I do have two front seats, so two headrest covers should be an easy one to figure out). Also maybe having a checklist of the seat cover pieces that were packed would be helpful, but oh no that makes way too much sense. Just send out a box with seat cover pieces, and without anyone checking that the order is complete. Sounds like a great way to run quality control to me.

It took probably another 30 minutes of mind scrambling conversation with my moron sales guy to get the missing parts sent to me. Again, no e-mail warning they were coming,  just showed up one day. The best part, the missing pieces showed up with the back seat covers, again without an inventory sheet, so I had no idea what was what in the box. Completely stupid instructions yet again, so YouTube here I come. Oh it gets better, in their great product creation, you have to completely remove both back seats in order to install the rear seat covers… are you frigging kidding me!

So after hours of dealing with missing parts, wrong pieces and removing my back seats, I finally have my seat covers installed after some two weeks of pure joy (insert sarcasm).

Now for the quality of my purchase; oh boy just keeps getting better and better. Now in the pictures they show them fitting perfectly, nice and snug. In reality, not even close! I tightened every stupid strap as best I could, they were still loose, and there was no real way to tighten them up any more. At this point I was just mentally exhausted over the entire ordeal, I had a million other things to do, as I was in the process of moving into my travel trailer in the final push of my downsizing project.

Make sure to checkout my “Off The Grid Project” on YouTube

Fast forward 8 months – now the great CoverKing quality shows its true colors. I noticed that I felt a lump underneath my leg while driving, so decided to inspect at my next stop. I thought it was something in my pocket, but soon realized it was the seat cover material bunching up, as I show in the video. I thought the cover had worked its way loose, but soon discovered the outside material had become detached from the foam padding of the seat cover. At first I thought it was just in a small spot, but found it had happened on a large part of the seat cover.

On the surface, you would think this is not a big deal, but I also noticed that the foam padding in the areas where the outside material was no longer attached was thinner than the other areas on the seat. Basically, the seat cover was wearing out after just 8 months.

In my previous truck, I purchased a back seat cover to protect my seat from my dogs, for a whopping $34.95. When I traded the truck in 2 years later, after some serious doggie abuse, the seat cover was still in great shape.

The Coverking seat covers had a 1 year warranty, so I thought I would call them and get the seat cover replaced… boy was I wrong on that assumption.

Strike 1 – The customer service representative who answered my call was a non-native English speaker. If there is one thing that will make me drop your company in a heartbeat, it is when they put people where English is their second language, or outsource their customer service overseas. I was having a really difficult time understanding him, thus adding to the frustration.  For someone trying to get assistance on a product, or defective product there is nothing worse than trying to explain your problem to someone who cannot understand what you are saying.

I emphasize, this is nothing against people who English is not their native language living and working in the U.S. It just makes no sense to me for them to be in positions of customer service speaking with people who English is their native language. I have found this language disconnect instantly makes the situation worse, and for that matter more frustrating for both parties.

Strike 2 – The customer service representative indicated I would need to send photos of the seat cover, for them to be reviewed to determine if there was a warranty issue. Ok, I get that, I offered to send photo’s and video of my defective seat cover. The rep then, said it could take a week or longer for this review process. If I passed this first stage of the warranty process, I would then need to send in the seat cover at my own expense. Coverking would again re-evaluate if it was a warranty issue. If not it would be sent back to me again at my own expense. If it was determined it was a defective product issue, they would first try to repair it, and yet again send it back at my own expense.

Wow! That is flat out evidence the company knows their products are garbage, and are doing everything in their power to make sure they do not have to replace their defective crappy seat covers.

I said this was completely unacceptable and wanted to speak to a manager.

Strike 3 – The manager comes on the phone line, and yet again, English was not his native language. At this point I’m flat out fuming. I explain my problem to him, and he was rude to say the least, then indicated I would have to take the seat cover off and send in for possible repair first at my own expense. This process could take up to two weeks or longer.

Let me get this straight, I pay a good amount of money for a product, then because of their lack of quality, I must do without the product I have already paid for, for an undetermined amount of time. I found this incredibly suspect considering I could send them all the evidence of the defective product via pictures and video.

I also explained I lived in a remote part of the country, travel on dusty roads and have dogs, there was no way I could go without the seat cover for that long. I further explained, going this long without the seat cover would probably result in ruining my seat, which was the entire point of having a good seat cover.

Strike 4 – He was not giving in, and then went to the it is explained in our warranty disclaimer online about the return policy. Ok, when someone goes to the small print contained somewhere on their website, instead of taking care of the problem… I’m done. They have obviously gone through this process with numerous customers in order to have them give up, and not replace the sub-standard product.

Well, instead of going through this pointless process with a company that produces sub-standard products and customer service, I decided to create what you see now. My crappy products review section.

Matter of fact if you have a review to share of something similar, go ahead and send it to me. As people know, The Simple Life is not only about changing your health, but also supporting good companies that are providing services that are helpful to The Simple Life community. So if there is a company, or someone providing bad services or products, sharing it is very helpful to all of us.


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9 thoughts on “Coverking Seat Cover Product Review”

  1. CoverKing is the worst. The fit of their CR-Grade Neoprene seat cover is excellent, but they are obviously not made “from the same material used in high-end wetsuits” nor do they offer the advertised level of protection. Coverking claims their CR-Grade Neoprene seat cover is “made using two layers of material – an inner layer of waterproof Neoprene covered by a water-resistant Neotex outer shell,” and they are the “ultimate protection against kids and pets.” However, when our puppy urinated on one of the covers I quickly learned that this is nothing short of false advertising. Less than 10 mins after the pup’s accident I took it off to clean it and couldn’t believe the urine had soaked right through the “waterproof Neoprene” layer and into the seat. I had only installed the covers about 90 days before the puppy incident, so I asked CoverKing to take them back as they do not perform as advertised. They refuse to stand behind their product, though. Terrible company, terrible product. DO NOT BUY COVERKING PRODUCTS!

    1. 100% agree, they advertise their seat covers as top notch and high quality, they are no better or even worse than the canvas seat covers I bought from Cabelas for less than $50. How this company is still around is beyond me, I have received hundreds of emails from people complaining about their products since I posted this.

    2. I had the same issues with Coverking. They have refused to replace defective seat covers…. I take that back… they offered to send me a less durable seat cover in a different color…. for just the seat with the material flaw.. they suck. Don’t order from Coverking

  2. Same horrible experience! How do these rip off artists stay in business if they treat customers this way????? Only thing I can think of is it and AutoAnything are operating under the same con operation. As I have commented on other blogs and sites “Avoid AutoAnything and CoverKing at ALL COSTS…….

    1. Yeah, unfortunately there are companies that just seem to stay in business no matter how crappy they are, and you wonder how. I think you are right with AutoAnything, who knows they may own or be owned by CoverKing. The upside is a lot of people have seen my video, and I know it has hurt them, but they just don’t seem to care.

    1. Serge, From the Toyota Tundra forums I belong to, a lot of people really like Wet Okole seat covers this is not an endorsement of this product because I have not purchased them yet, but they will be what I replace my Coverking seat covers with in the future. If they piss me off like Coverking they will receive the same wrath 🙂

  3. Darl Johnstonbaugh

    Oh mann, I am just now into the Coverking experience….I am about to be in the same boat as you it seems….reading right along here. After reading I will watch the video. I got the complete set of the Neosupreme covers for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. You are so right..the instructions are shit. Not hard to figure out, but impossible to do when the wrong seat covers are sent….

    So, now I have two passenger side rear seat covers. This Jeep has the 60/40 split configuration so only one size of properly SCANNED cover will fit it….wow….I am going to throw up…this is not going to end well, but thanks for your post here.

    Oh yeah, I got mine through Auto Anything so it seems I got the double fister this time. It took six weeks for them to get here and they arrived like yours did. What a mess! Yep, already $400 in after paying for rush shipping that never mattered. Auto Anything did give me the option way back after the second delay in shipping to cancel. I should have. Now, I will likely get bombed because the front seat covers are already out of the box, too! They will not want to issue a refund on a “used” product not even installed on the seat yet. BBB is getting a nice phone call if this does not resolve well.

    1. I have received so much feedback from this video it is amazing. This company is an absolute turd, and it appears they have ripped off a ton of people. Their product sucks, the customer service sucks, and the company sucks, what a combination. I have given up on the complaint side of companies like this, I now just publicly shame them. They could have solved the problem quickly, but oh no that would be the right thing to do.

      I’m sorry to hear you got sucked in as well, but I’m glad people are finding my blog and video and seeing they are not the only ones. They try and make you feel like you are the problem, and just disgruntled, which is part of the scam in the end. Please update me on what happens in the future, I’m curious to see if you get anywhere with your complaint.

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